How bout that toy line?

I would toss my credit card at a Thunder statue and color 10. Especially if it was similar to the Jago figure that coordinated the sounds of the game to what the statue does.

A cat say meow meow.


Everything you said in your post, very true. I did want to point out though that there was a bit of a difference between then and now in that season 2 did have several indicators that a new season was coming, what with the story leadup to Gargos’ s arrival, the fact that several of the original cast weren’t in the game yet, etc.
But yeah, I hope the earlier mentioned bubble bursts soon.

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I still require a Spinal figure. Definitely interested to see where things head.

Ultimate Source posted this on Facebook. Gives me hope to pick up Spinal this weekend.

Edit: No Spinals at Gaming Generations :cry:
Grabbed the 2017 Combo Breaker controller from Controller Chaos instead.


Tell you later is WAY different than stay tuned :wink:

Jesus tapdancing christ $200

edit: wait does that say $800

Oh well, I start my new job on the 29th and hopefully pre-orders are still available for at least a week or so.

Can’t tell you how excited I am this is finally out, but… Any clue how much stock they have?

second edit: I honestly expected it, but no alt color with it? It’s not a big deal, it’s just something I wondered in the back of my mind.

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The alt color was sort of an Ultimate source thing. This being from TriForce, different agreements and what not.

And yes. Quite a pretty penny. Very limited run. Will be interested to see how it performs.

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$800 for Rash yes I’ll be waiting to see the numbers ordered

$800? I think I’m out.

My mom got a life sized Tomb Raider Statue (2 actually) for that price.

I’ll try to set up a pre-order plan, but $800 is pretty danged steep.

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This is really highend, Is there a particular audience this statue supposed to gauge? Because Rash sort of casts a broad net.

I’d be tempted if it was any of the actual KI cast.

Gaming Generations got in a couple of Spinal figures at Combo Breaker on Sunday. Not sure about the first but they wanted $80 for the second, loose. I tried to get it for $50 since no box, no code but he wouldn’t budge past $60.


Too rich for my blood. If anyone gets it, more power to ya, but if I’m going to pay that much for a useless hunk of plastic I’d rather it actually do something other than just sit there.

…I should probably explain, I collect Transformer toys. And while I’ve never spent that much for a single figure, I did get like 30+ earlier this year for $600. So yeah, that compared to Rash…I’d rather go with the bots.

$800 is at the high end for a statue of this size, but not completely unreasonable. However, this scale/price is usually reserved for characters/properties that have a much broader fanbase and a likelihood of selling out to turn a profit. I like KI and all, but I don’t see Rash breaking into that tier where things like the Marvel license, Alien/Predator, etc. reside.

Also IMO I think the Ultimate Source line of KI figures might be finished. It’s been over a year since the TJ/Orchid/Cinder prototypes were shown and by this stage they would have had samples to advertise at the very least. Unless QC hit major snags in China or something I wouldn’t be surprised if these never see the light of day. Not to mention that they are more than happy to answer questions on FB, but completely ignore any inquiries into the status of these figures.

Yeah, that’s the most puzzling thing. They keep chugging along like they’re not done with the KI figures, but at the same time aren’t offering anything new, and simply stating Spinal is out of stock when anyone asks if they’re going to make more.


We should probably share the link, for the sake of getting eyeballs on it.

There’s one thing that bothers me about Rash figure. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate Rash figure. But why did they chose Rash, not KI character? I mean there’s KI logo in Rash figure pics. Rash is not KI character…

This character design is specifically from KI, this is KI’s version of Rash.

I still really want Orchid, Cinder and TJ that they showed off… What was that… A year ago? Two years? I can’t recall. I just remember being hyped for them.

Here’s hoping they still happen!