How bout that toy line?

We ever getting a wave two? I feel they launched this series way to late into the games life and well sadly never get a full roster.

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From what I gather (which is about 50% speculation) I think Ultimate Source is moving their entire toymaking business to a new location, which from my estimate is a fairly long drawn-out process that would likely take months. From the sound of things I think in the near future we should hear something.

…in case you’re wondering my sources are Ultimate Source’s website saying they’re moving and the contest for a Spinal figure here on the forums last week where @rukizzel mentioned it was likely one of the last of the Spinal figures for now which suggests there was a break in production, not that they made all they were going to.


If they do decide to cancel the line, I hope they do another crazy sale again. I need to finish the collection so I can get those color 10s.

The “last Spinal figure for now” comment meant that they had sold through their original amount produced. So while it doesn’t speak to production as a whole, it’s mostly talking about this one, particular figure.




I do hope the line continues with a quicker production time. Still want a Sadira figure and I’d love to see what they would do with Aganos.

Hoping to get ahold of a Spinal at Combo Breaker. Got the LE Shago at CB last year when it was “sold out”.

@rukizzel Whatever happened to the Rash figure that was posted about once on Twitter then never again?

“Stay Tuned!” - @rukizzel

Tell you later

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Don’t you mean “stay tuned”?

Purposefully, no.

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Oh. :disappointed_relieved:

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Why do my gut feeling is trying to tell me that they cancelled Rash figure… :frowning:

I don’t see cancellation yet…

My mang i was already set up for that pre-order. If it got cancelled I’ll be ridiculously disappointed.

I like how you all just jump on the worst-case scenario train.

“Tell you later” implies a straight answer that you will hear, rather than “stay tuned,” which doesn’t really imply anything other than, “keep an eye out,” or “we’ll see.”

If I were to place it, tell you later is way closer than stay tuned as far as timelines are concerned.


Where do they fall in relation to “wouldn’t you like to know?”


Sorry, I guess the intel cut-off on all fronts is kinda making everything seem gloom & doom. I mean right now everything figure related is just a big black void.
In fact everything KI related lately has been pretty scarce…sure there’s a few things here & there but nothing substantial beyond the next character, unless you count all the bi-weekly claims that the game is over & the community is dying. Not that I buy into any of that, but there hasn’t been a lot of news to the contrary.

*shrug * I certainly hope something substantial is coming up, but right now the hype train has definitely slowed down quite a bit.

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In all fairness, I believe the only reason we didn’t see quite this level of “doom and gloom” after Season 2 was because of the Shadow Jago rework; we otherwise heard nothing about new characters besides Rash and Kim Wu for a while, which isn’t too much different than knowing we have another new/non-remixed character coming out if you ask me.

I hope that when the news-deficit-bubble bursts we find out about a sequel or a fourth Season as well as more figures (I require a Thunder figure and Color 10!), but whether we do or not patience is the correct path. People are getting too anxious and don’t seem to comprehend that setting fire to your boat isn’t actually going to get it to the harbor any time soon.

Not to say that you are doing so specifically, but I think everyone ought to be tempering their expectations and desires with patience.