Hot lead Quest not appearing

I tried skipping everything i don’t see him

ive played like 4 hours trying to get it and it has not appeared. Only good thing is that I got fulgores color.

It seems like it won’t appear in playthroughs that are already into the later turns. I went up to like turn 30 or something and eventually gave up, killed gargos, and started over. In the new playthrough hot lead appeared within the first 10 turns. I think this is because it’s not a very hard/impossible difficulty quest line, so it won’t show up in later turns where everything that’s showing up is at least very hard.

The Hot Lead mission has some secret requirements to get it to spawn. I can’t tell you all of them (since we are only on day 2 of 3.6), but I can hint a bit.

  • you need to have beaten the game (any difficulty ) at least 1 time.
  • you have helped Kan-Ra hunt some stuff
  • there is a mission that foreshadows Hot Lead, it’s been in there since launch, that must be completed.
  • ? requirement not involving any missions or items or difficulty

good luck!


I gotta do that hatchery thing? Oh god.

Do the Forgotten Laboratory mission with Aria.

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Dont worry, I just finished the Hatchery quest today, but got the hot lead mission yesterday, so not related :+1:t2:

So I finished the quest line and recruited Kilgore for a play through.
Is this one of those One and Done quests where it won’t pop up again unless you wipe that character’s archive? Because if so I think I just lost my only opportunity to use Kilgore till launch since I beat Gargos :sweat_smile:

Ah ok.

How do you wipe someone archive and what are the consequences? Is it just Shadow Lords stuf that gets deleted?

If you go to a character’s dossier folder, there’s a “Hit Y to reset” option if I remember right. I’ve never done it myself since I don’t see the point outside if special circumstances, but I can only assume it resets all story missions and locks all dossiers for that character (not sure if it relocks mimic skin progress)

It doesn’t reset mimic progress and the dossiers still stay so don’t worry about that

Wait, if it doesn’t touch dossiers or mimic skins
What does it even do? Most of the character story missions repeat infinitely and happen every time I play, so what’s the point? :hushed: I’m rather perplexed

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Well, if I ever wanted to do a mission like for example the one involving jago and shadow jago again with the cutscene and all, resetting the story progress allowed me to do that. That’s what I did anyway

Yes- one time only never resoawns and no the archive reset won’t bring that quest back. Don’t reset story progress on him, it does not work.

You keep him until you win or lose that play though of shadow lords. Hope you had fun with him before you won!

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That is good to know. I wondered if Kilgore’s quest was just one and done. I will need to make my game play last 12 days then :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info, James! Glad I left my progress as is. I’m off on vacation until New Years, so I wouldn’t get to use him till I came back anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:
And yes, he was really cool! I just wish I could’ve had my first taste of him on something other than Godlike difficulty. He’s pretty fun, but also fairly challenging.

So does anybody know the specific conditions for this?

If not, can the people who have unlocked the quest give me an idea of what you’ve done in the past (what characters you use, story quests you’ve done, difficulty, etc…)? I’ve done a few playthroughs over the past day or two and haven’t seen him yet.

Also, so much love to IG for doing stuff like this. Seriously, the support and care behind this game is absolutely unrivaled. These guys are killing it.