Honestly really upset that the vampire character is a girl

now before you guys label me as sexist…dont get me wrong I don’t see anything wrong with a female fighter…but I feel like the whole vampire trope…should be a guy…I mean Dracula and nosferatu who are the big iconic vampires are male…so should their tropes right?..im looking forward to her…but I just feel like they messed up the whole werewolf vs vampire with this :frowning:

Eh. I don’t see the problem.




If we’re looking at a trope standpoint, vampires currently are usually portrayed as super sexy, human-like and not terribly frightening. So doing a typical Dracula character wouldn’t really fit if they’re incorporating/nodding to current tropes.

And if this is Maya’s sister and meant to incorporate her, then yeah. Of course it would be a female vampire.

All I’m happy about is that she isn’t overly sexy XD. Other wise, I really like her overall design so far.

You just gotta search her your feelin’, ooooooooohhhhhhh killaaaaaaaa!!!

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Why isn’t she considered sexy? A woman doesn’t have to be nearly naked to be attractive.

Then again, I have been known to find creepy attractive… so yeah…

a) Let’s be safe and put a Nosferatu/Dracula/Lestat/Alucard/Gabriel/Demitri Maximoff esque vampire, who all already know by appearance, and give him a “vampire gameplay”, creating a easy-to-forget personality character
b) Let’s try something more different, like a female vampire, who serve us in two purposes: more diversity among the cast in terms of female/male ratio, and the chance to make a vampire with less examples to inspire us, making a more unique character and easily create a recognizable “KI vampire”


I’m with b)


What I ment to say was that she’s extremely beautiful, but not over the top sexy. I mean, vampires have been known the also resemble eternal beauty, but I’m just really glad that IG didn’t go over the top with her “sexy” element and just made her very beautiful. I don’t know, this is just a point of view from a casual player :wink:

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well…not ncesarilly…Dracula…was also very charming and attractive…the old one I mean

why would a female vampire change anything with gameplay…sure ratio is understandable…but if ur gonna make a female character…atleast make her more…umm…well attractive??hmm maybe not the word

Wanted a male vampire, got a female instead.

Well I’m over it, she looks cool


I wouldn’t say that the vampire being a woman ruins the werewolf vs vampire thing.

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That’s because it doesn’t.

Anyone who has seen the Underworld series should be able to understand that immediately!


Carmilla is older than Dracula though, and she is popular (well, certainly not as much as the dragon but enough to be in popular game)

A vampire girl isn’t a problem, not at all in fact.

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Fair enough. But I am just yanking your chain, bud. :wink:

Besides, whether you view her as attractive or sexy, or whether those are two different terms for you, is almost entirely subjective.

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Characters dont have to be attractive, charming or whatever.

We cant expect the thinking of “the character must be exactly like the trope of it’s species usually are. A vampire must be really beatiful, aristocratic, charming”

And this character, for the record, it’s beatiful and seems elegant. A typical vampire in that way. Frankly, I have not any problem with her design, and we haven’t seen her in action yet.

Of course everybody can expect something in their minds and prefer that one to the one IG/MS have done, but we can’t get “really upset” with it. They are aiming to do great characters, unique, awesome. We can’t judge them for a 15 seconds teaser, and we can’t judge them with the idea of “my imagination character was better”

He was typically depicted as such, but that was for the effect of horror. He was shown to be charming and fancy to make his motivations and behaviors more monstrous by comparison. I feel making him attractive for horror and the modern day trend to depict vampires as attractive for sex object purposes are largely different.

I think a vampire girl is a more interesting design with a little more creative freedom. I’m glad they went with a female.