Honestly really upset that the vampire character is a girl

wish she had longer hair.

and to be honest i thought her reveal was pretty underwhelming, she deserves her own stage.

the tease should have been one character walking to the entrance of a dark cave and then suddenly having bats fly out and then the characters hears a creepy voice inside, then the video cuts.

I think she is great. She is just what I wanted, and I’m hoping she has the accessories I’m looking for.

I’m honestly glad we have more female “human” characters. I like the balance, she will kickass come season 3!

But I can see why you would want a male vampire. Either way, I’m happy - frankly even more happy with the female choice.

I’m pretty disappointed too, I wanted a Dracula character.

However Mira does look amazing, oh well.

Seems pretty accurate to me.
Not every vampire has to be a male.


Yikes…definitely passing on this. This just sealed the deal.

Is it better if you are glad it’s girl for slightly sexist reasons?

Twilight ruined male vampires for everyone forever.


Don’t make blanket statements. They didn’t ruin them, you’re just not interested in the series.

They didn’t ruin them. But they made the worst female lead character ever…bella. Ugh…

Probably shouldn’t troll.

Because they added a female vampire?

I see. And the reason is?

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But there is nothing “Twilight” about this character at all…