Holy crap Mira's awesome!

I’m just waiting for Eyedol.


Well I’m holding out hope for Eyedol but in the meantime, Gargos will have to hold me over. lol


I like her so far, but managing your health/recoverable damage is difficult without sight (not impossible, it’ll take time). Are there any moves that dont take away her health then? Kind seems unfair if all of her moves can reduce her health, especially if your opponent is a blockfiend… (I.e. Blocks like an AI and fights like one too :))

Light specials don’t take silver health, nor do enders as far as I know. You can also use embrace in a combo to do medium or heavy linkers which actually regen silver rather than add it.

Seems like light versions of her specials don’t consume your health.

Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind.

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The idea that Mira’s liquid would be red but for the T rating is speculative. It sounds good but nobody has confirmed it - so I wouldn’t make too much out of this.

I am really surprised how much I like Mira. Spent some time just messing around last night and she has a lot of tools that will require getting used to, but overall the character just seems really polished. Her animations look great and it feels to me like she got a lot of TLC during development. I’m impressed.

I do wish she had a stage - there are so many interesting things they could have done. On the upside I like her music and her music during ultra may be the best in the game. She fits well on Wulf’s stage, Kan-Ra’s, Hisako’s and Spinal’s.

I’ve always been pretty meh in the idea of a community find to support stages and I generally agree that KI has enough (although I like one stage per character, just like everybody else). But playing Mira makes me think KI could really use a graveyard stage or a gothic cathedral. It would be fun to see what they would do with it.


Thank you for the help

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She’s a really fantastic addition to the cast, both visually and from a gameplay perspective. I have high hopes for the other 3 remaining S3 characters that we’ll be getting soon :smiley:

Well, Hisako’s stage is kind of a graveyard. At least, it’s always felt that way to me tonally. I think a gothic cathedral would be super awesome for Mira though :slight_smile:

There’s a heck of a lot more you can do with mist form than that. There are nasty cross ups, cross ups into same mix-ups, and a whole lot more possible. Give it time.

Mira states that she was ’ pulled from the rubble and made ’ how would a graveyard speak to her story?

It seems as a scene of an ended battle between the order and the nightwatch would be more fitting

Bodies amongst an apocalyptic scene and destruction

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Mira is one of the most fun characters I’ve played in this game. She is also the most frustrating character I’ve ever played.

I’m sure things will become more manageable when I get AAs and cool setups down, but right now all my matches are really polarizing. Sometimes I beat the guy in ten seconds and other times I get destroyed in two combos.

I’m willing to put the time in to manage these problems because I love her normals, damage and mobility, but there’s gonna be a big dose of salt coming my way.


You gonna put up a vid of her soon?

I just put up a video of Maya, and I don’t really think I’m prepared for a Mira one yet. I’m fine with getting salty in my videos, but there’s a limit I want to set to that, so I want to get more competent with the character before I record any gameplay of her.

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This is my biggest issue as well. I can play her fine, but I forget she damages herself and that stuff really adds up quickly lol

Small pet peeve: The “Mike” Announcer for Mira on player 1 is really off. They did do a couple versions though, and the other sounds much better.

Try a gothic cathedral, with a graveyard in front of it and one side of the building demolished in a pile of rubble. It’s not too hard to make it fit.


If only we had more than 3 stages. :worried:

Her bat seekers help add to her most mix up game as well.

I think she sucks, and not in the cool vampire way. Straight to bottom tier I’d put her.

I know it’s early, but I don’t see anything from her that makes her dangerous. You spend life, just to get in…and try to get it back. You could spend 30% of your life trying to mix up your opponent, and 1 breaker ruins all that work. Now when you get hit with a simple shadow move, light combo, that adds 20%, you’re at a serious disadvantage. It forces you to go for health regen instead of damage.

I see her right now as a very cool idea, that’s poorly implemented. She needs to run an immaculate game in order to succeed. Otherwise she snowballs out of control. There’s too few ways to get health back, and she’s got no great ways to mix up opponents, without spending her own health bar. I mean, Sadiara has 2 jumps, Omen can glide, Spinal, Fulgore, Hisako, can teleport, Shago has multiple teleports, all for free. She’s going to need buffs.