Hollywood Sleep Hospitalized After Car Accident

He was hit by a drunk driver.

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Wow! That’s terrile! I hope he gets well soon. Drunk drivers… :cold_sweat: :rage:

Glad he’s okay for now, hope his injuries get better quick.

Dude you scared me… you should’ve mentioned he was alright in the title…

Glad he’s okay…

Also I don’t wana sound like a jerk or whatever but I kinda sort of don’t blame people for Hit & Run accidents. Especially when alcohol is involved. Look at it from their perspective, if you stop to help… then You’re Guaranteed to get in trouble… but if you run away pray nobody notices then you could get away wih it.

I think this is one of those situations where the Carrot is better than the stick… in other words… There should be more leniency on the culprits that do make the decision to stop and help fix the mess they made… it won’t lower accidents but it might improve survival rates…

Just my opinion…

glad he’s okay relatively. bless

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I hope he has a speedy recovery. This kind of stuff is why I hate leaving my house.

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DAMN! glade they are okay.

you know I never understand what goes through someone’s head while drunk. could they assume that their okay to drive even when drunk. If so that’s dumb!

This is one of many reasons why I choose not to drink alcohol.


Yes they think they are fine. You would be surprised how many people drink and drive daily and they are fine. But its that one time when some one isnt fine that bad things happen.

Id be more afraid of people texting and driving that drinking and driving.

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Statistically, texting and driving causes about the same amount of car accidents as drinking and driving does. It’s a legitimate concern.

@justathereptile you can’t really blame the drink. You have to blame poor judgment. Beer tastes delicious after a long and stressful day of work lol.

Well, form personal experience, I accidentally sipped beer once as a kid. It didn’t taste good at all. It’s just better safe than sorry.

But yes you are right on the nail with that point on judgement. And of course texting.

As for taste, each their own.

happy that sleep made it out ok, really sucks being involved in an accident.

also, dont text and drive lol that is dangerous as hell. if youre gonna get tanked and you cant drive, call a cab or get a ride from your friends. best thing to do

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Best of luck to @F3Sleep on a speedy recovery.

You know some Accidents are causes by Drinking and walking… Turns out being Drunk even without a form of transportation can have dire consequences.

I second this. Hope he gets better soon.

Well, you can blame them for getting in the car while inebriated to begin with. Plenty of people think that they can drive drunk just fine or that they’re “good” at driving while intoxicated. But I get what you’re saying as far the “not blaming them for continuing on after something horrible happens.” Honestly, it wouldn’t surprise me if a judge showed some leniency in certain situations if someone stopped, though they might be hamstrung by mandatory minimum sentencing. Not sure about that.

Thing is, I’d have to think that most people, especially when their judgment is impaired due to being drunk or high, if given the choice, would choose the possibility of no sentence and getting away over the possibility of getting a reduced sentence. So I don’t know how much it’s the system. I tend to think it’s the people making the bad choice of driving drunk, then making the choice to try and get away with something rather than face the consequences of their actions.

@F3Sleep, I wished you well on Twitter, but I’ll definitely do it again here, too. Really hope the recovery is as quick and as painless as humanly possible. I’m really sorry that something so terrible happened to you, man, but I’m definitely relieved that it wasn’t as bad as it could’ve been. Best of luck to you!


ppl try to run cuz they dont wanna end up in county, potentially get into a fight in the cell, get smashed hard with court fees, and a record. real simple.

in TX its brutal, you pay for all that, then they loop hole out of “double jeopardy” by charging you another 2k+ for same crime by calling it something else (like a “driver responsibility” program for example). so yeah, ppl try to run all the time if they can.

LMAO Im sorry but this cracked me up! I agree beer doesnt taste that good… but I dont think thats the reason people drink it.


Maybe they were texting, and also didn’t have proper license/ insurance coverage, probation, etc