Hisako Video Archive (For all your Ghostly needs!)

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Update- confirmed and fixed this. We are testing it and working towards releasing in the next week or so.

Thanks for continuing to ping us about bugs like this.



Extended casual set (FT20) with GnarlyFeats at Evo Japan. This is the last of the sets I’ve got easy access to from Japan - thanks to ShinTristan, ShinPaulo, and Gnarly for the fun games! :slight_smile:

Part 1:

Part 2:

When people tell me they have trouble with Orchid and ask for advice against her, I always tell them to learn to shadow counter her. These matches are a good example of what I mean. Orchid’s pressure is very deterministic - she’s forced to confirm in ways that are susceptible to SC’s. Get those down and the fight gets opened up quite a bit defensively, as the Orchid player will have to resort to more and more dangerous ways to close the gap and establish her game.


FT10 set with FallibleJoker and his fantastic Eagle. Is definitely a momentum-based fight.


I like to think I peered into Jago’s soul… :skull:


Lol. Interesting glitch. Dunno that I’ve seen that one before.


FT10 vs Kim Wu:


FT10 sets with ItzTymetoDul’s Kan-Ra.

First FT10:

Second FT10:


Came across a weird interaction…Ultra > Ultra Ender > Ultimate…

As far as the end of the ultimate, I know the same result can be replicated from a wallsplat ender > manual > ultra > ultimate…


FT7 mirror match with Susanoo:


Played an extended set with WayneTheWhale’s Sabrewulf:

First FT10:

Second FT10:

Third FT10:


I played Wayne today. He destroyed me, and we joined a party and talked about how evil you are. :smiley:

Not really. :smile:

He’s such a cool guy. Although he did ask if I smoked weed… I guess playing Sadira gives the impression you have to be high. :smiley:


Interesting =)

I see how he likes baiting stuff throwing things after a knockdown just to confuse the opponent. I’m not sure if he is killing frames, I would try some (like double throw into something,making you think he is not plus, though I can do eclipse in that situation). I use some stuff to kill frames too but rarely apply it in most cases.


Storm playing a Casual set with Gemako’s Shin Hisako at Evo Japan 2018:

FRIENDLY MOD FROM STORM: these matches are actually just the last 10ish games from the day. Gemako sat down and played for about 5 hours or so, and he and I played a few discrete sets within that window. Didn’t want to ask Ogty to record 50-some games from across several hundred, so this is just a snippet of all the matches that were played.


FT10 set with D Baby N Trish’s Riptor:


FT10 set with CrazySkateNate’s Jago:


FT10 with MrManCode, a very good Shin Hisako player:

@CodeComplete85 Tagging you because I’m not sure if you knew this thread existed. Have basically been cataloguing good sets for a while now, so this thread can be a solid resource for you to check out as well as you learn Hisako. Hope it helps!


Another Cinder FT10, this one with s0undy44:


FT10 with Letalis’ Raam and Aganos.


This will be a good watch. Those are both characters I struggle against… though some of that is me not understanding how their mechanics work


FT10 set between myself and ThrashHeavy’s Eagle: