Hisako Video Archive (For all your Ghostly needs!)

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Two FT10’s with Ragnarok here from the forums:

First FT10:

Second FT10:


FT10 set with @TBSHankhill:


Ok, one thing jumps out at me here. You were pushing the rekkas to 3 hits when blocked and weren’t punished between hits or even after the 3rd hit. I’ve found that doing so gets me into trouble a lot, but I have almost zero experience with TJ.

Does TJ lack the ability to interrupt/punish this?


Nah, TJ can punish it just fine. I’m well known for doing the full rekka into a shadow influence frame trap, however, so HankHill was respecting that option. More than he needs to, actually, which is semi-common even at high level (he sometimes jumped away even when I didn’t have meter). He stopped poking in between my rekkas because I started using more heavy ones - he poked me out of some of the mixup ones early in the set so I just started using the frame trap one.

The big point though is that he and I both are playing the player as well as the MU. Hisako is a character who inspires fear, and I use that fear to steal turns and push buttons in situations where I really shouldn’t be able to. He responds and reacts to that as well, and throughout the matches you see small micro-adjustments where we both try to take advantage of and punish tendencies we’ve observed in one another.

People push buttons after they block your rekkas because you haven’t proven to them they have to respect your options there. Make them see that there is a cost to that, and better players will adjust accordingly. Worse players will continue to attack, and for them you simply keep frame trapping them until they die.