Hisako Video Archive (For all your Ghostly needs!)

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Good matches. From what I’ve seen so far, I feel like Kilgore will have a tough time fighting Sako. She’s hard to zone in general, and with meter she can punish his guns from surprising ranges.

Also: RIP KGore’s shadow counter against shadow ORZ if he does it too early :joy:


Yeah i thought the match up was gonna suck, but its quite tolerable.


FT10 with Raven is Raw.

Part 1:

Part 2:


Random Ranked matches with Fiyah Liger and Mr HeroOfTime


Ft10 set with SL Hi Im Keith


I learned something with Hisako :smiling_imp:


FT10 with UA Kalypso (formely Daymein):


Set with @SonicDolphin117’s Kim and Glacius:

Apologies for commentary if you’d rather not hear me talk - future videos will likely be pulled from streams, so will have me speaking throughout.


YES, MORE KIM WU TECH \ :persevere:/


Extended set between myself and @llPaulBll:

Lot of stuff to pick up on with regards to the Wulf MU. In particular, pay attention to the button combinations Paul uses and how those work with respect to counterhit/throw mixups. Most Wulf’s don’t play the spacings this tight, so definitely a lot to learn in terms of when and where and how Sako is allowed to challenge certain strings at certain ranges.


FT10 w/ UA Wheels:


FT10 set with TBDH0TSH0T (Cinder):


FT7 set with Hologram:


Another Rash match, this one notable for the fact that someone in the chat was asking about how Hisako can deal with Rash’s approach options, so I discussed as the fight progressed. Not the cleanest play by any means, but should showcase how easy it is for Sako to shut down some of his favored “just do it” approaches.

Dealing with Rash:


Good set between myself and TDB H0TSH0T. He’s improved quite a bit in the Cinder/Sako MU :+1:t5:


A few casual matches between myself and ShinTristan at Evo Japan 2018:


Casual matches between me and ShinPaulo at Evo Japan 2018:


Casual Ultra Bugs and what-not…


Look’s like TK-ORZ cancels into ultra regardless of whether it hits or not? What’s the max range on that interaction?

And obviously, should prolly post this in the bug thread if it’s not there already :joy:


From what I recall @TotalJimkata had worked out a fix and was looking at some other stuff that was kinda sketchy in the game.