Hisako Video Archive (For all your Ghostly needs!)

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Here are some matches from a FT15 I ran against @LemonHunter38’s incredible Fulgore. 21 games, so is definitely a bit of a watch, but a pretty good showcase of both characters’ abilities.

Pt 1:

Pt 2:

Just tagging some of the people who I know are playing/trying to learn Hisako or who might be interested in this set: @TheNinjaOstrich @DulXboxOne @Sasuke99I, @MaruMDQ (for the Fulgore play), @R1stormrider, @Marbledecker. And just because he likes long KI sets, @Infilament :yum:

As always, please feel free to provide feedback on the play you see here. There are mistakes and bad calls that were made (including the way I tried to close out the final game :joy:) throughout the set, so thoughts and constructive criticism are always appreciated.

And a h/t @WrathOfFulgore for the YouTube host! :tada::smile::tada:

EDIT: Match at 4:15 on the second video is a duplicate, so feel free to skip that one.


@STORM179 these were really good sets. Nice study material for me.

Also thanks for the critique. I’ll definitely use that knowledge against glacius next time.

I’ve gotten used to fighting rash, just his approaches are hard to stop.


Also, If anybody has any critique on my play on that set please do not refrain from sharing it


Couple of match videos from recent sets with LetalisVenator:

Omen FT10 Pt 1:

Omen FT10 Pt2:


Few more match videos from the sets with Letalis:

Gargos FT5:

Aganos FT5:

EDIT: @BrandXplus, thought you might be interested in these


Just found this feat. @STORM179


This is hella old and I’m not really great, but I’m still really happy I managed to pull this off in a real match. :blush:


Here’s some matches from a FT10 today with Zero Syndicate, a good Shadow Jago player.

You’ll notice my Sako is in her snazzy color 10 kimono, courtesy of @TheNinjaOstrich. You the real MVP :persevere:


I’m stealing both your tech in exchange for the color lol


Lol. Pretty sure this set doesn’t have any tech you haven’t seen before :-p

I do have some new tech though… :smiling_imp:


I’ll probably see it in a day or so lol


new tech you say? rubs hands GOOOOOOD…GOOOOD…



Lol. Don’t mean to disappoint you guys, but it’s not anything spectacular. Just a a new tick grab OS for catching Spinal on wakeup wakeup. The idea isn’t particularly original, and against other characters Sako has better options. But in that MU, it should have some limited use.


Damn son, that’s some next level gameplay


yo dawg, i heard you like to wake up, so i got an OS for when you wake up while you wake up! lol


Lol. Yep, I only play at the outer boundaries of next level-ness, all day every day :tada::rage::tada:

Yeah, that should’ve been Spinal wakeup teleport. Wanted a setup that could beat both wakeup jumps and teleports.


that may be so, but your skills with hisako are inspiring. just picking up a couple tricks off you caused me to go on a rampage lol, just 1 set against you did alot of damage to my incoming opposition. wish my schedule wasnt so wild atm, id love to get pwnt by you again so i can absorb more of the punishment to dish back on ranked lol


Set with a pro star Wulf:


Set with EMPR_Menzo (Who is currently learning Kilgore) :