Hisako Parry , time to evolve

Guys, from what ive seen on fulgore changes I think its just logical that Hisako should get the same treatment on that parry for Shadow counter.

Here a lil preview to what happened to fulgore:

:black_medium_small_square:Can no longer pip cancel if the opponent is performing a shadow counter (We’ve all know this ability was too strong, but we didn’t want to adjust the entire pip cancel system just to make this behavior less common. Without getting super technical, the team didn’t really have a way to prevent this that didn’t break other parts of the character until recently, so we’ve finally made it so that you cannot use pip cancels to stop Shadow Counters. Pip cancels behave normally in all other situations.)

HEre a preview for what could also be reliable for hisako:

Could no longer parry Shadow counter if the opponent is performing a shadow counter ( we all know this ability is too strong) cause this break all others characters games ( shadow counter in a defense and attack tool who ask to the opponent to spend meter) from there that is a lil bit easy for hisako to just parry.
Parry can be used normally in all other situations)

what do you think about guys ? let discuss over it.

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I disagree. Imo Hisako is perfect the way she is. It’s the players fault for spending meter in the first place, they didn’t respect Hisako and they paid the price for it.

As far as Fulgores nerf goes he is still really strong. And he has I think 10 pips so that’s 10 times he could have canceled, where as Hisako has to keep wrath ready and sometimes that’s not easy.

The difference between the Fulgore and Hisako thing is that Hisakos ability to parry a shadow counter was an intentional design decision and its an important aspect of her gameplan in preventing people from just Shadow countering her slow and reactable rekkas. Fulgore on the other hand doesn’t really need that ability, it was just a quirk he had, granted i don’t think they should have removed it since it wasn’t a big deal.

Shadow countering Fulgore is to take your turn back and punish him on a safe move. To take your turn back and punish Hisako, let her finish what she was doing and just punish anyway as it’s unsafe.


Kim Wu can use Dragon Cannon on Shadow Counters too, but that’s Instinct only and requires resources.
I don’t know how it would affect her if they took it away, but I’d prefer if they kept it. :J

Kim, in her own way, is almost impossible to shadow counter. There’s more ways for her to blow up shadow counters than what @salindy13 mentioned.

Its because of this that i think Hisako’s parry ought to be left alone, just like how i thought Fulgore’s should’ve been left alone. KI had only a handful of characters that could blow up an otherwise very powerful defensive reversal tool. It kinda balanced itself out a little bit that it costed resources for each character to do it. Hisako needs wrath, Kim needs dragons and instinct, Fulgore needed pips. That sucks some hype out of the game for me, even if i see eye to eye and agree on it being a powerful tool.

Hisako’s parry isn’t that bad, imho. Outside of instinct, she’s gotta decide to parry high or low so she needs a sharper read than any other counter character. I’m fine with the reward for that sucessful read being straight to combo system and into whatever she likes.

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Fulgore has to spend 1/10 pips to avoid a shadow counter, which could be done in any point of his brutal offense

Hisako has to spend a huge portion of her wrath meter to avoid a sc, but options are more limited, since her only grounded counterable special is unsafe, so unlike Fulgore, is easier to just wait and punish

Kim can only situationaly stop a cb during Instinct

IMO Fulgore change is ok, but I wouldn’t change anyone else

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If you take the bolded part out, that makes this true. It’s just much easier in Instinct.

Maybe I’m missing something.

If Kim gets shadow countered, how can she avoid the shadow move out of instinct?

Only if she’s shadow countered on her kata’s can she situationally Dragon Grasp a shadow counter attempt. For example, if i harassed Jago with close st. MP into MP kata and they shadow counter, she can cancel the kata into a grab since Shadow Windkick is not grab invulnerable. But it’s, like you said, very situational.


Yeah, is still OK in my book

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I learned something new today.

Make my rekkas always safe on block and you’ve got a deal Gotei. I’d also like to be able to combo from lights without meter. :thumbsup:


What’s that saying…“Give an inch, take a country mile?”

-shrug- Hisako without the ability to counter shadow counters is a significantly weaker character, because her options for opening you up are either punishable, reactable, or both. One of the few advantages she has is that she can at least force you to hold her reactable mixups, because with good Wrath management you aren’t allowed to shadow counter them. Remove that tool and you remove nearly all incentive for someone to ever just block them out.


All true, but in a world where someone makes that trade with you for safe on block rekkas and lights that combo w/o meter? That’s hella scary too.

I think i’d prefer holding pressure and playing the wrath counter mindgame versus a 3 hit mixup (reactable or no) that’s …

  • more advantaged shadow command grab followup
  • could potentially hit with a light/frame trap some fast medium and right back to rekkas followup
  • descent? meh, perhaps becomes useless…
  • a mindgame pressure, i imagine, to never be on the ground within st. MP range and she is not lacking on good AA buttons or air to air buttons
  • it’d be only fair and fitting of KI to put some other unique and tricky trait to make up for it

It’d be a fun version to see, but if i had to choose between that one and her current self? Think i’d go with the known ghost girl than the one hiding in the shadows.

You open too many threads

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At lest i made life this forum with bad or good thread, and you what do you do for it?? just like and dislike? is it yo life?? lomfao :joy:

naw, hisako parry is great as is. the reason she never sees any changes outside bugs is because shes in a good place. but i would trade countering shadow counters for staggers on medium attacks, block advantage on all rekkas, increase influence damage and decrease the cost that lets it combo. instead of 50% wrath to combo into influence, make it 25% and take away the damage diminishing returns on resets. also increase the speed of her kirby inhale grab and the distance, make it counter cancellable, as well as temporarily steal opponents abilities and properties. id be good with that

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there is something peoples forget"" NERF CERTAINS CHARACTERS AND OTHER GET INDIRECTLY BUFF"" that’s exactly what happens now with her , Jago,thunder,fulgore,sadira, wulf begin patch s3 all these characters was there before hisako came out, then everybody get nerfed till now and she still get at 98% all tools shes has when she came out “” so now tell me who is advantaged with the other nerfs?? :relieved:

Even my poor gargos get nerf in the last patch for no reason just because peoples won’t to adapt and learn how to approach him.