Hisako Flip-Out Tech

Hey everybody, how’s it going?

I put together a video detailing some basic ways to use Hisako’s light punch in season 3.
All of this works outside of Instinct, but some of it is rather risky - that’s Hisako Life™.

Tagging Hisakos I know of on the forum, please feel free to tag anyone I missed.

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And thanks to @TheKeits for making these things possible… because they’re fun :smiley:


@dare7710 @yungbathory

Thinking there might be some good use for this within combos as well - it’s possible to manual with cr.HP of heavy influence, so you can actually get a nice reset opportunity there as well :slight_smile:

Might be another stylish way to reset someone in instinct - particularly if they’re someone who knows to jump out of command grab resets. But as with all Hisako’s S3 changes…there are easier ways to achieve the same result :disappointed_relieved:

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I’ve yet to play with this at all in instinct. Probably going to lab that up tonight actually :smiley:

I did not know you could jump cancel after ORZ o.o

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If you connect the 3rd hit of heavy ORZ you can jump-cancel it :slight_smile:

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That is friggin crazy and I need to start experimenting with that.

Also love the video, really creepy and fitting. Lots of great tech too x)

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Thanks friend :smiley:

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This Tech is so…



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this was really good stuff! now i can see the benefits of flip out tech

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I have been using flip out with Kan RA and I must say the applications are breathtaking.

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Oh awesome, this is some really neat stuff. Didn’t know you could jump cancel ORZ. Thanks for sharing dude!

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Thanks for the feedback! :slight_smile:

I’m really finding that flipout->command grab is generally the best option. Do that until they start jumping, and then switch to meaty HK->rekkas to catch them in pre-jump frames. Use flipout->rekka if their avoidance method is to backdash.

It’s a simple flowchart, but a darn effective one. :slight_smile:


Played an Arbiter last night who was hip to command-throw post flip-out; so I used that knowledge against him and it ended up being:

ORZ>Jump Cancel>-Flip-Out>Cr.HP>Flip-Out>Command Grab

Damn it felt good :smiley: I’ll see if I can scare up the replay and post it (it was a pretty solid 2/3).

Haha. I was actually thinking about that this morning and wondering if it was a thing. Glad to hear that it is :slight_smile:

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great info being passed along guys, hopefully we got some rookie phantoms out there reading this to better increase their effectiveness. gonna start training up the stuff you guys uncovered, its too cool! its also quite scary when you’re gonna be on the receiving end of it

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Hehe, I received no less than 3 "OH SH*T"s when landing flip-out setups in the past 2 days

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@Marbledecker make it 4, because you set me up for one last night and i saw the evil semi truck coming my way at 100mph on a downhill LOL

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