Here's a fun idea, how about character specific level 50 taunts?

You know that catch phrase on your profile card in KI? What if we put some spice in em when we hit level 50 on any character?

Jago: RYU GEN NO KEN WO KURAE or something

I hope you guys are more witty and creative than I am because I can’t come up with any good examples. You guys know where I’m going with this though right?

I’ll pass. No level 50 character taunt (in my opinion) should top references to a person being salty.

Despite Jago’s sprit animal being the tiger and not the dragon.

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I’ll take it!

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I would honestly like to see more taunts in the game. Something to break up the monotony.

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When we say taunts, we’re specifically talking profile card taunts, right? Not the in game button press taunt? Just want to be clear.

I think it’d be cool to get a unique profile card and taunt that really stands out as a sort of “you’ve mastered this character” like a gold card with the character embossed in gold, then the profile icon could be gold, with their select screen symbol embossed on it and a black belt around it.

As for the profile taunt, it could just say “(character name) Grand Master.” I think that’d be cool, and a tad intimidating. :slight_smile:

I’d still love to see profile pictures that were martial arts belts that you could earn by getting more wins post level 50, but I’m sure that won’t happen. Either way, a special level 50 profile taunt, plus the icon etc that really symbolized the fact that you maxed out this character would be cool.

I wish! We need a better reason to get people to level 50 then… color 9

Not all of them, i was pretty disappointed when i got Wulf to level 30 to find out that his level 30 quote was “Drop the controller and run!” Pretty disappointing IMO

EDIT: 30, not 50


All taunts and cards are unlocked when you hit 30, that’s just part of the design due to level 30 being the max back in Season 2. Anything above 30 unlocks accessories and colors.