Here is my overall balance suggestions for each character. Come give your wanted balance changes for each character as well

On Jago, I think his footsie’s are better than Shago and Jago is alot more solid/safer character than Shago overall, he has a good fireball game that is better than Shago’s in some ways but worse than in others, Jago has that amazing life gain instinct that can be used up to 3 times if everything goes well, Jago has medium wind kick, jago’s reset game is linear now thanks to the flipout nerf but still very effective/safe while shago may have more mixups he has take more risks. I still Jago would be a better character than Shago simply because he is the more solid fundamentals/safer character to play while a shago player needs to have good zoning and be very good at making reads. I personally want them to have extremely similar damage since I think Jago is the better character with the better tools but it wouldnt be the worst thing in the world if jago had slightly more damage than Shago but I dont think for a second Jago needs it.

Spinal: I get that line of thinking for sure, as a spinal player I just though he was alot more fun back then even though stealing instinct was completely dumb, I loved how unique and powerful the mechanic was so Id really like to see it come back in a weaker form for his meter stealing skulls at least.

Fulgore: I gotta give fulgore players some hope, many will drop him thanks to the nerf even though he would still be fantastic. Seeing Devastation beam more would be really nice as well since its a huge risk with possible massive reward.

Thunder: I would make all of his DP’s minus shadow throwable during startup, I personally dont think its too risky at all he is only gonna be able to punish meaty throw only if he neutral jumps or has meter its a legit weakness for Aganos and Raam I think youd be surprised at how effective it could be. Im mostly trying to get rid of flipout from characters who I dont think actually need it. Thunder is has such a solid risk averse oki that Id just like to remove the option.

Glacius: Its more has to do with the fact I think he gets too much damage off a lockout for the type of character he is atm, I can take it or leave it but Id feel better about the character if he couldnt do such insane damage (good but not insane is what id prefer).

TJ: Oh yeah TJ has options to meterlessly get through projectiles but most characters have a shadow move that goes through them and his shadow knee is lacking tbh in usefulness, I think TJ players would be happy and it wouldnt shake the game up too badly. Im making the advantage ender change mostly because of tusk, I dont think characters should be able to not play the normal combo game like TJ and Tusk sometimes can imo the advantage ender can be quite good if the opponent is not ready similar to General Raams advantage ender which can grant a quick standing mixup.

Maya: I can concur that Dagger Assault may be too long as is with this change I could possible reduce the time that it lasts to make up for it. There is still a two way interaction its just in maya’s favor for a bit, you will have to be satisfied with landing stray hits or grabs for a moment. I disagree that Dagger assault should be risky, it should be a maya players reward for gaining all 4 pips on block as its Maya players just get the unblockable and go for it since its quicker and almost always guaranteed if used correctly, using Dagger Assault as it is just isnt worth it.

Kan Ra: Throwing a bone towards Kan Ra’s players zoning game, they never did much damage before but now it is truly nothing, I always saw it as a useless nerf besides as you said you can bat them away.

Aganos: He would still be slow with 3-4 chucks just not as slow as he is now, also I doubt 7-3’s exist in KI let alone 10-0’s. I gave forward HK purpose, it currently has none and tbh you should be holding back up against against aganos anyways.

Omen: Id rather see it used rarely but intelligently than them being used as free pressure tools.

Cinder: Burnout makes you not want to hit anything, the control of the match the opponent has for some time is always felt when the opponent has it on them, I think he should have it but as is I think it just lasts for a bit too long.

Riptor: I rarely see it tbh from riptor players, I just think it should be a bit easier to land for how risky it is.

Kim: I said Physical Attack on the parry not fireball aka projectile attack, that would be broken lol. I think the backdash ender would let her take more risks and allow her to manipulate space better so I removed the ender which always give you one since its a way more powerful tool now especially since your opponent has to guess between the two dashes.

Arbiter: It doesnt enhance his neutral rather it forces him to play it more.

Gargos: I play gargos and I know Im not the best or anything but I think how minion play is currently is super thought adverse and linear, Id like for minions to force a player to have to be a bit more creative then how they are currently.

Mira: Id be willing for it to be half of the life you gain back in potential damage, I just think there should be more reward for taking such a risky command grab.

General: It makes all versions of the move useful and gives raam more utility which would be great (coming from a Raam main) it makes people have to think twice about wake up dp as well with that Hard Kryll Rush version, not to mention a throw invincible move improves Raams wakeup.

Because imo the risk reward just isnt justified, doing a command grab is risky and really risky if your health is crap like mira’s, besides potential damage isnt guaranteed and I changed it to where mira only inflicts potential damage equal to half of the life gained from a command grab.

That’s still 50 white life…That’s a 41% one chance break with no meter, off a mere jump-in with a light manual. So she grabs you twice boom 82% health gone right there. All because you didn’t dodge the command grab.

Isn’t justified? You know what? Nevermind, I’'m going to sit back and watch this unfold. It will be like watching a newbie fight and just ends up hanging themselves in the process. Should be entertaining.

Jago: Its not that he has the best one chance break damage, its the fact that his one chance break damage and lockout damage is too high for a character with that toolset.

Fulgore: Fulgore would turn into more of a footsie based character than a insane mixup character I admit but competitive wise he would still be incredible and he would still have dirty mixup’s he just doesnt get to use them as often and now has access to better movement and whiff punish tool faster than he ever has, alot of people would drop him but he would still be one of the better characters in the game for sure, right now he is just too busted imo. Even the concept of canceling specials into specials is pretty busted in general.

Maya: You can still hit maya in between dagger hits just comboing is a bad idea and I went ahead and reduced the amount of time it lasted in my notes.

Mira: I changed it to half with the command grab buff, she still has to earn a hit after the command grab, if she hits you again and is able to cash that little amount out she has earned it. I highly doubt it would bump her to top tier status, I personally think she is just too self deprecating in a game with guess breaks for that. If she earns the risky command grab then I think gain something a little more than health that you have removed yourself should be rewarded.

@FengShuiEnergy How much potential damage is dealt will really depend on how much you recover and you have to earn another hit to cash it out which isnt free so I dont see a problem, if it were to become an issue though I would be willing to just set the potential damage to a certain smaller amount instead of it being half of what you recover. But I think the extra reward for landing such a risky command grab is a must.

Also I dont understand your random aggressiveness just because I disagree, you should chill out :slight_smile:

The fact that you refer to devastation beam as a “huge risk” move tells me you misunderstand how it’s meant to be used.

I say its a huge risk because you just spent all of your pip tools to cancel specials into other specials, so yes I get you only use it when its guaranteed to hit but its still a risk that you use it at all since you are back to square one when it comes to offense. Its especially risky to use because to get its full effectiveness you have to open your up again to cash out the white life and you are all out of special cancels.

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Same pic from SRK lol.

Without pip cancel as a strong option (because doubling the cost while also shrinking his maximum available meter is incredibly damaging to its viability in all applications) beam is by far the best use of meter for fulgore. You’re spending all your meter, but beam to punish something or after opening up the opponent is better than trying to cause a lockout and spending it on shadows. You get big damage up front, plus the potential for a one-chance into level 4.

The BEST CASE scenario for that character is he becomes boring and too focused on getting beam to remain viable. The more realistic scenario is he’s just gutted due to having his pressure, oki, and zoning all nerfed at once.

If you don’t think Mira would be the best character in the game with her tools and constant one-chance level 4 enders you are tripping.

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Aganos’ f.HK has no purpose? It moves you forward, and can be used to pester your opponent, as well bait shadow-counters.

Pip cancel is still a very strong option its just isnt as insanely prevalent as in every second of the match is fulgore cancelling into guaranteed fullscreen mixups. But I do agree that the beam becomes a very good option and a more accessible option but you are risking no shadow meter and no extremely powerful mixups for good guaranteed damage and a mixup away from a level 4 ender that is definitely not guaranteed.

Mira doing level 4 once chance breaks would be insanely good but that isnt guaranteed since 1 you have to land a hit and 2 the potential damage is only half of what you are gaining. If that is too much then I will change it a “small” amount of potential damage instead of half that way I have it currently written since this might light to one chance break level 4 enders. (Made the change to small amount possible 1 chance level 4 is a problem)

@GalacticGeek Imo any good player or player who knows the matchup will not get hit by it in neutral ever, its also super negative if I recall on block.

Pip cancel is NOT still a strong option with double the cost and two less pips. Part of the reason it’s strong currently is that the opponent has to play with the fear of subsequent pip cancels. If you made that change the opponent will WANT you to do that because even if they get opened up by a multi-cancel sequence, leaving you completely dry on resources is totally worth that especially since they still get a chance to break.

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Cinder is still a very good character without burnout all im suggesting is the burnout last not as long because it completely lopsides the neutral into his favor most of the time while applied onto the opponent.

Also I dont think any of the changes I made make any character less complex, if anything I make them more thought provoking since they have to rely more on their neutral game or are less dependent on a linear option.

I extremely disagree with you, canceling specials into specials will always be a powerful tool in fighting games especially on someone with fireball/dp, high/low, left/right mixups like fulgore. Fulgore players have gotten too used to relying on having such a plentiful powerful tool to think that thats true. Pip cancelling will still be super strong but will definitely be used a bit more sparingly (might cause more players who are good at making reads to pickup the character). Either way I agree to disagree on that standpoint as it wouldnt surprise if fulgore was still top 10 in the game even with a berf that big.

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Okay well, you certainly have the right to think that. I’m just very glad IG is the one actually in charge of balance.

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IG is pretty good at the whole balancing thing but they do add alot of crazy unnecessary stuff as well, I hope they do well with the new patch coming. I was kinda hoping someone would make sadira/aria suggestions as I really dont know what to change about those characters. I know sadira is lacking and aria might be too strong but I dont know where to start for balancing them :S

Sadira’s problem is very straightforward: she doesn’t do enough damage. Make her do more damage. Please, contain your confetti and champagne, I know I’m a genius.

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She has a ton of reset potential which is why that could be very problematic. It could be that simple but I am not so sure all I can say is that is one character I dont feel I could bring anything to the table balance wise.

Very compelling arguments.