Help with PS3 stick

Do any of you guys both forumers or game staff know a good third party program that can let me use my PS3 stick with Killer Instinct? Preferably one with the least added lag to it until the devs add controller supprot or something but I enjoy KI nonetheless.

I use a cronusmax adapter to use my PS3 Mortal Kombat fightstick on my xbox. I haven’t had any problems with it when I used it and haven’t noticed any input lag. It even lets you remap all the buttons (I know KI already lets you do that but it is still a nice touch)
Only downside is they are like fifty bucks last time I checked…

thanks. any help is good help I suppose

Try DS4Windows or this:
You could also use Xpadder or Joy2Key, however those add more input delay (Joy2Key in particular).

I use Xpadder and haven’t noticed much delay, but I wish native support were more extensive.

I just tried my Brook PS3 to Xbox One adapter with the PC port and it works great. No noticeable lag. Just throwing that out there if you can’t find a program to your liking. They retail for $35.

By default any ps3 controller (in any form) will be programmed for ps4, unless stated to work on pc (where the manufacturer provides drivers) PS3 controllers do not natively work with windows at all in any program, they always require something to get them to work, which is more of the issue than the game devs not supporting it, since they are not driver programmers for another platfroms hardware.

I see so I just have to find a program that deals with DS4 to xbox 360 then?
Oh I forgot to mention I’m playing on PC just as heads up since I think I didn’t mention it.

yeah, pretty much you need to use a program like that to basically translate the input into xinput (thats what xbox controllers use and what the game is looking for when dealing with something like this) I believe the game supports or will be supporting PC compatibly arcade sticks soon, there are actually many ps3/4 and PC compatible sticks you can buy and its marketed as such as a dual use device, have you looking to see if you have one of these and just missing the PC drivers designed for the device?

I have the Hori Fighting stick V3 and it functions in every other game (For PC) so the driver was already installed long ago. It seems xboxce would work in the program but Killer Instinct has no place where I can desposit the files for the controller settingss and on top of that in Devices and Printers this controller appears as Fighting Stick V3 so I guess that means it’s a PC stick that’s comaptible with PS3 through the hori made drivers then a DS3 controller

ah ok, well not all sticks work with the game yet, you could possible ask the devs to add it? they may be willing to, i’m not sure about how much work is actually needed, it could simply be a profile white list, or it could be a bunch of work, cant hurt to ask for request support.

Do you know where I can contact them?

Umm check one of the official threads for their names and i think you can tag them in any post, so could tag them in your next post and they’ll get a notificaltion, or maybe twitter.