Help : whats quickest way to get the astral stage?

grinding shadow lords isnt for me, i just love playing people. pls help!!!

Some honesty for you, no other way. Its pretty simple once you get a hang of his moves and its gonna take time but that is your only choice.

same, hope someday they implement just buying it lol

Just skip turns to get to all the omens, be sure you beat them all to get rid of all the buffs, then skip turns to get to Gargos. Will take about 4 Omen fights… Make sure all your characters are as powered up as possible. GOOD LUCK!

So far my best go has been giving everybody wolfhearts:

  1. Fulgore spam hype beams. That takes out a Gargos lifebar by itself.
  2. Omen spam the command grab. No luck so far, but that takes out a lifebar.
  3. Aria which is my main and I actually know how to play her. Wolfheart not that useful, so I use Ram to keep Aria alive for as long as possible.

Have got Gargos as far down as 20% or so. Some of his moves are pure B.S. in Shadow Lords, and unfortunately there’s no replay button. I guess you could practice against Kyle level Gargos in versus mode, but SL version is much more powerful.

Gargos sucks at breakers, do you not just spam combos after punishing his moves? Always works for me.

The quickest way to unlock the astral plane is just to skip straight to Gargos, and fight him with all buffs. This is also one of the harder ways as well because you need to write artifacts and Guardians to do well. But yeah that is the quickest way.

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GIT GUD!!! lol jk

What color/ level are your guardians?

Dont do long combos on the AI.

Stay on them and use crouching light attacks to hit confirm into a combo. Block as much as possible instead of mashing buttons and then attack.

Use the Wolf heart or the hammer to get in unblockable but wait till you are in a pickle to use it or close out the fight.

Its really hard man… so just keep practicing is what i did. But i understand your frustrations. Dont let anyone tell you its easy becasue it isnt. Just keep trying.

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Maybe a little variety would help? Aria with Snake and Immunity to combo breakers can put on enough pressure to take a lifebar and a half. Rash with Fractured Ward or Exemplar can go through all of his BS (timing’s tight, but fake crossup with tongue always catches the AI pushing buttons the wrong way). Even Hisako with Snake and Influence loop is almost unbeatable (a lot of the time you need to open him up first because he has awesome runaway, but he will always try the teleport recapture and that is easy to Counter, after that just hard knockdown and repeat).
Point is, Wolf Hearts aren’t everything. I went in with all Snakes and Wolf Hearts and couldn’t even take a lifebar.

So far, my one win against Gargos involved abusing Shago divekick (because the AI struggles against it for some reason with me) for his first health bar and then using Arbiter and his grenades to deplete second and third. TJ was a wash… :confused:

The point: Keep in mind it is an AI and exploit it’s flaws. AI’s don’t really seem to know how to deal with plasma grenades. Out of about 100, they will walk or jump forward on 90 of them, attack through about 8 and actually block 2. Frame traps are also fairly useful against AI’s.


Hooooooooooly crap how did I never think of that?!?!?!!???!?!?

Was that Rash win on Challenging or Godlike? Because I’ve beaten it in the lower difficulty level already.

Its easy!


Ok, just kidding :sweat_smile:

Two times I tried him it was easy for me though (after the first patch, before I was grumpy too, lol), less than a bar gone…last time with Cinder, who I barely know how to properly play…so I guess luck is also involved to a certain degree…

Quickest would be buying a trainer (can’t find one for free) and skipping straight to Gargos, setting infinite health and winning.

Don’t sweat it to much, you’ll get there for sure. You can also use the Shadow Lord item with all you characters as that is a great buff that will give you a leg up as well.

1 and 2 are the strategies that I used, but don’t forget to use artifacts like the dmg/def Nano machine buffs, and you can give Fulgore a ceremonial dagger to buff his hypebeam by at least another 50%.

With ARIA, you can give her the Elixir of Focus (?) consumable that gives her double instinct duration. As I’m sure you know, she takes less damage in that form, so on top of giving her a killer or Epic Guardian, she should be pretty hard to kill. If you want to keep her alive even longer though, give her a Fractured Ward Guardian, as that one can dampen the damage taken by 50%+ on all the armored hits, so you should be able to stay in there doing damage.

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Thanks for the tips. What is the SL item?

Shadow Lords item…something you sometimes get as a reward for finishing Shadow Lords, I got them through my normal playthrough. Its probably based on score, so even if you lose with a good score, you can get it, sometimes even randomly as an after match reward.

Its makes you really strong

Ah, I should really do another “normal” playthrough of SL, then.

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It is apparently an item that will buff your damage and defense on top of other artifacts and Guardians (nothing in game tells you how much though). You can get them by beating Gargos after you’ve taken enough turns. I had like 6 of them after a bunch of legit runs on Normal.

But yeah, the first time I fought Gargos on Challenging I took him/he took me to the limit, and I lost in a nail biter (I had a very similar set up to yours). The second time though, I gave all my characters the Shadow Lord item, and I killed Gargos with one character (Omen) and a supreme victory. There is no doubt in my mind that I got HELLA lucky on my second run, but it would seem the Shadow Lord item gave me a huge leg up.

Keep in mind too, that when I fought him on challenging he had all buffs as I skipped right to him.

[quote=“FeverAyeAye, post:19, topic:15599, full:true”]Ah, I should really do another “normal” playthrough of SL, then.

Honestly, if you want to make a Challenging run as easy as possible, you should go through the mode on Normal multiple times before. Doing that will allow you to stock up on many different items, not to mention get the Shadow Lord item.

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