Hello there! I’m absolhunter251!
(I tried to log back on my ipad…but I have no luck…so I had to make a new account on the computer…why? I don’t know why I had to make a new one, when the other one was I guess registered? If I can get into that one, that be helpful! because I’m not used to an extra 1 in my username :frowning: with the new one) But oh well, at least I’m here. but can I change my email to my main one?

I’m new here and I want to maybe expand my likeness of KI on here by meeting new people who like KI as much as me!
I’m a little shy and too new here, to know how things work. but I want to be of great help with some ideas and such and have fun!

see ya around! hope we can all get along!

absol out!

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Nice to meet you! Welcome to the Forums! :smiley:

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hello there! and thank you! :smiley:

Good to meet you, man! Welcome, and I hope you enjoy it around here. :slight_smile:

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hello there! and thank you! I would love to enjoy what everyone has to offer!

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Yeah, just surf the forums and have fun! We are pretty cool and fun people to talk to. If you have a question or just want to talk, don’t hesitate to ask. :thumbsup:


You’ve came to the right place! Welcome and if you have any questions feel free to ask anyone.

A few threads to check out…

The bored at work thread

the GGs thread

The WTF forums tournament thread

Lots of great discussions there…see you around!


sure thing! my new buddy!
but I do have a question though, why can’t I log on my ipad for this site :frowning: each time I try, its like I have to make a new account for it.

I will! and they sound like fun! :smiley:

Welcome to the KI forums and overall welcome to the KI community, our NEW fellow KI fan :slight_smile: :grin:

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thank you! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! KI <3 :heart_eyes: and thank you! I want to have fun with some KI fans! :smiley:

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You’re very welcome and me too man so come have MORE fun with us now :grin:

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x3 okay! where too? If there was a chat room, i’m so there! XD

@rukizzel @xSkeletalx @FinchoMatic

One of these guys should be able to help you. So anytime you have a question about the forums guidelines, rules or tech issues/… tag one of them by using the @ synbol and there game tag.

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thank you @FallofSeraphs76!

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Not sure, I’m actually posting from an IPad. That might be something you need to ask our Community Manager, Rukari, AKA @rukizzel. Overlord of the Forums.

(Multiple Tags means he will see it 2x Better lol)

I am curious as to what browser you are using. I have posted from my (excuse me, my son’s) iPad.

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an ipad that is a generation 4. I’m using safari and all but again. It keeps giving me the run around where I have to create a new account, heck I made one earlier, but I couldn’t even access it at all, not even on computer with my main email. I had to use my secondary email to even get on the site, and made a new account. because by accident! I logged out on my ipad and I can’t get back in at all. :frowning:
and with my new account (which is this one), I’m trying to get my ipad to get in the forums so I can keep up to date and all. but I can’t do anything once logged out, its a problem there

There are others that have this issue. “Thrash Heavy” Christopher DeLeon cant log in so he finally gave up. The guy that use to be on here a lot that wanted gore… forgot his GT… he has a new GT and said he cant get on either… it gives him an ERROR code.

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if we can fix the issue of not creating a new account all the time and just log in, that be very helpful and save many problems in the future. its something I suggest :slight_smile: