Hello, KI community!

I already do, thanks!!!

Sup, dude!!! thank you, FIGHT ON!!!

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Thanks, Sea Cow xD

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I hope that too, thanks my friend!!! :grinning:

riff from The Instinct plays


Yes welcome to probably the most friendly fighting game community you could have had the good fortune to stumble upon, hope you enjoy your stay. (I joined last May at PC release and have apparently now suddenly become a pretty frequent poster, the vibe around here makes the forums a pretty addictive place to visit!)

Enjoy, keep smiling and FIGHT ON!


A good vibe, that´s the most accurate description of the forums, thank you, Zenith!!! looking forward to be participate, FIGHT ON!!!

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While I may not always follow the philosophy here on the forums, you’re basically following the philosophy that I like to use while playing KI and other games online - kill them with kindess. You’re replying to every single post with a reply and a thank you and it’s KILLING ME!!! :smiley:

We need more people like you. :slight_smile:

welcome to the forum! good to have you on board, everybody here for the most part is very chill so you’ll have a great time. enjoy!