Hello, KI community!

So, I have been in the forums for a while and really like how the people here interact with each other, so I would really look forward to participate in some forums related topics, as my gamertag says, I’m AlexMark15 and I’m an Aganos main, a little rusty at the moment but with a lot of love for this game, greetings to you all!!!
Ps: If I mispelled something, it’s because I’m from Mexico xD


¡Hola hombre!

Hello and Welcome! I hope you enjoy your stay, we have a few Aganos mains around here that would be quite interested in seeing how you work with the golem, as well as other character specialists looking for matches. The GGs thread is a good place to start if you want to run sets with someone.

And not making fun of you or anything but,

I find it funny that the only thing you misspelled was misspell. :smile:


Welcome- hope you enjoy your stay :slight_smile:

Question, why Aganos?

Thanks, Dooby!!! Something tell me I will, look forward to interact with other members, will post something later in the GGs thread
Ps: Something told me I shouldn’t wrote that xD

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Thanks a lot, Storm!!! :smiley:

Hola, amigo!!! (8
Well…mostly because it’s the one I fell more comfortable using, still learning other tho

Hola Alex, me llamo Carlos y soy Portugues pero habito en Londres.


That’s funny. I think aganos can be a strong char but I think he is a very difficult characters for beginners.

But stick with what you like dude. Good Aganos players are really scary.

Welcome to Killer Instinct.

Mucho gusto, Carlos!!! It’s nice to know there’s more people who talk spanish here

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Thank youuuu!!!

Welcome to the official KI forums and overall welcome to the KI community, my (new) fellow KI fan :slight_smile:

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I’m not that new, I have been playing since january of last year, but to this day I must say that Aganos It’s not a easy to pick char, but I really like the way he plays, who you play???

Thanks, Jeff!!! :grinning:

Thanks for the warming welcome, I been knowing for a while this is an awesome community, hope to be part of it!!!

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Welcome to the KI Community! Very glad to have you on board and whilst we’re at it let me say Viva Mexico!!:mexico::mexico::mexico:

No problem and good to know that too