Hello, KI community!

Welcome back! You are in the right place, the best place for KI fans! Of course anything you need, just ask. We are all here to help one another.

Be sure to check into the Good Games thread… set to watching so you dont miss out on casual sets each day.

*** Everyone… I think we need to get the Forum battles back up and running every once in a while! …thoughts???

As a fellow Aganos main, and forum regular, I look forward to showing you a few things (and vice versa). :slight_smile:

Hahaha, thanks, dude!!! glad to be here and Viva Mexico!!! :it: (Imagine there’s a eagle there, please xD)


Thanks, Seraphs!!! thanks for the advice, I will!!! Looking forward to play sometime, I know you are a Omen main if I’m not mistaken, for the forum battles…Hope to know more about that soon :grinning:

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Thanks, Geek!!! I still got a lot to learn, thanks for the assist

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I’ll be on in a few minutes if you’d like a practice/learning session. :video_game:

I’m pretty good with Omen. I chose him back in Season 2 because everyone thought he was weak and I like work with chars that people never expect to be good. (looking back don’t know why everyone thought that lol) I stuck with Omen because I found out how strong he really was. He shares normals with 2 of the best footsie chars in the game and his corner pressure is insane!

I also picked up Cnder because people initially thought he was weak. I think he is truly mid tier though.

I try to play with all the chars, but those are the two that I’m really good with. If you ever want a set, send me a invite.

:skull: Welcome to the forums! :skull:

Welcome. Enjoy your stay.

Maybe later, I´ll post in the GGs thread when I can, but thanks!!!

And right now, in season 3, both Cinder and Omen look really strong right know, I´ll send send you a invite later, we need to play :slight_smile:

Thank you very much, good sir!!! :skull:

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Thanks, I know I will!!!

Welcome new player!

Killer Instinct is really one of the best games ever and IMO the best fighting game!

Try not to let the high level aggressive players who seem to not let you get any hits in bother you!

And from my early memory of learning the new game, if they rage quit when you won with a level 5 or under character shows the awesome fun balance and mystery of the KI combo system!

Make sure you make 2 shadows as soon as you feel comfortable with a couple fave characters and that’s an awesome way to test other players ‘Forza drivatar style’

Hello there! Hope you enjoy KI.

Sounds good. Maybe soon!

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Welcome to the forums man

Welcome to the forums, enjoy your stay and strike up some goods conversations.

Thanks for the advice, I already got some experience with that, so…no worries, I don’t play Forza, but I think I now what you mean xD really fun game indeed, will keep playing