He looks nothing like the DH Gargos from Shago's Instinct

Gargos’ face already appeared in Shago’s instinct.

Do they have any respect for DH’s work? Is anything DH made going to be kept in the game?

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@moderators Can I ask for closure of a thread this quick?


Ig’s Aria doesnt look like DH’s silouette

Looks 9999999999 times better now.



That is true and I think that look would have been amazing, but IG’s take on the character is awesome too IMO.


He doesn’t look anything like a 2d outline image, he’s clearly a 3d character instead. DAMNIT IG why u no DH?!

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While I find that Gargos is much cooler the way IG designed him, I would appreciate if someone from the creative team would explain the inconsistency. Just for closer ya know?

The insticnt mode is Jago’s interpretation of Gargos.


Dude are all your post negative?


You’re right. It looks better.

I’m sure his retro will resemble the design.

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You can’t expect them to adhere to a sketch of a monster’s head that may or may not have been intended to represent Gargos over two years ago.

Dude there’s probably retro. Just choose that. :thumbsup:

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Gargos in Shago’s thingy looks like a corrupted tiger cat thing more than an actual gargoyle.

What… Are you talking about? I didn’t mention anything about classic Gargos. I mentioned DH Gargos… Which can STILL BE SEEN IN GAME every time you activate Shago or Omen.

Not a single one of you posted a real reply. An evil tiger? Wut?

DH put their own version of Gargos IN GAME, in detail, not a silhouette (look up what silhouette means, guys), and that Gargos face is STILL in season 3, connected to two major S1 and S2 storylines… But IG just pretends none of it happened and changed his face… WITHOUT changing the instinct activations.

Stop being apologists and realize they should have, AT LEAST, changed the instinct activation faces to new S3 Gargos.

Basic logic that even an apologist can understand.


tks god!

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What about if its a fully corrupted Jago, not Gargos?

Nobody said “hey thats Gargos face”, we only guessed it.

IMO its a totally corrupted Shago. Omen has come to existance from Jago’s struggle against possesion, so a “complete” maskless Omen could have that face

There you are, a theory, unofficial (as the “Gargos” face), and respects DH legacy

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I didn’t claim you mentioned the retro. I just think the DH design resembles Gargos’ design from KI2, so I’m sure his retro will be similar to this design. I feel you’re getting too defensive.

IG has been working on this game for quite a while and they’ve done an amazing job. It’s Microsoft’s game and they trusted IG to work on it. That’s that.

I do agree with you that they should change the instinct graphic to match the new design. Maybe it’s already in the works. It really doesn’t change much.

Yeah it’d be nice if they changed the instinct graphic, but if his retro looks similar to the instinct graphic, is it really that big of a deal? Even if his retro looks different, is it reeeeally that big of a deal? It was a cool call back to the past when DH did it, but you had to know that he Gargos wasn’t going to come out looking exactly like he did back in 1995.

@BetoMachado, you say “But IG just pretends none of it happened and changed his face… WITHOUT changing the instinct activations” like it’s this horrible sin they’ve committed. I don’t see it as being that big of a deal, but to each, his own, I guess.

By the way, people disinclined to rake IG over the coals for this minor oversight doesn’t make everyone apologists. There are plenty of people in plenty of threads talking about their own issues with this or that. This isn’t the IG fan club site. Most people here love the game, but pretty much anyone can find something they’d like to see changed.

You can throw the “apologist” word out all you want, but when literally everything you’ve ever posted on this site in the short time that you’ve been here has been negative, you might want to check your own bias before you start calling people out on theirs.


Gr8 B8 M8…not really. Brooding over something so small. Who cares if he doesn’t look the same.

Its eyedol