He gets annoying, help needed!

Hi there! I would like you to help me and tell me which match up is good against Gargos.It’s starting to get frustrating

I play Wulf and most players would fly out of my reach (and I start the chasing) and then they will just sudden attack (like Glacius standard players do with cold shoulder spamming) and then start that combo which is still confusing. But that’s not the worst part. When they have bar they call the mininons while spamming qcf + punches. It’s a really annoying fight with Wulf. This is when they zone me of course.

I tried Orchid and Glacius, but I can’t say it’s better. Riptor?? not very different from the same problems I have with Wulf. Maybe Fulgore? But whenever he catches me trying to teleport it won’t be easy, specially with Fulgore starving with his bar and not too much chances to get close to Gargos. I’m guessing I’ll need a character with air movement: what about Shago, Sadira or Cinder? or the QCF+HP will reduce them easily?

Anyone with projectile invulnerable moves is good for dealing with the minions. They can’t block so if he’s got you fullscreen dealing with minions and his portal punches you can use a projectile invulnerable shadow move to hit the minions and avoid his shadow punches.

Pick Raam, then come back and say those characters have a hard time.

Forward advancing projectile invincible specials are your friend.

Perhaps playing as Gargos will help. You’ll get a better understand of his strengths and weaknesses.

Arbiter is a good counter pick against gargos.

I’m no Wulf player, but Gargos doesn’t have a lot of defensive tools. Just try to keep your pressure strong. Use a lot of meaties and sweeps. Block his portal punches and dash forward. You’ll start to scare him.

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? He is.
Fire away!

His rifle is especially devastating when Gargos stoneflesh is on.

Half of Gargos’s stuff is punishable, including portal punch if you’re in range. Look at his frame data. When full screen, don’t dash forwards, walk forwards. If you notice he only uses L or M portal punch then jump over them, if they only use H, dash forwards. Once distance is closed you can frame trap him to death, Cr. LK/back+ HP, with regular wulf pressure. Short combos and stay on top.

What, I’d say Arbiter and Fulgore can probably handle him best. Even after you run out of bullets, sword normals outrange the minions easy.

And OP, as Wulf you have a projectile invulnerable shadow in BF+KK, I think. Make use of it and learn the frames.

It’s true though.

…K? Maybe it’s just the guys I’ve ran into playing as Arby didn’t know how to fight Gargos and gave me the wrong impression…

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It’s certainly possible. I admit, I was panicking with minions and punches at launch but I’ve learned not to worry. Slow and steady wins the race against Gargos.

Which is why Aganos beats him. :slight_smile:


Pfft, Aganos beats him because he’s OP, clearly. :wink:

When in doubt ask ultratech, they have always the answer.

What’s the best way to in with glacius when gargos is in instinct ?

I would probably say a combination of shoulder dash and liquidize, then when you’re close either go for a low HK or a throw until he either runs out or explodes out. I definitely wouldn’t recommend staying back and blocking portal punches or trying to jump to him. If you have instinct you could try a puddle punch, but it’s still risky.

Out of the characters I can use, I like Spinal for this match. The reason being because a lot of Gargos’s like to get away and try to irritate with portal punches…IMO Spinal has a great answer for this which is power Devour. If a Gargos flies back and tries that, I can sit there and eat eat eat and fill my Skull stock until he decides to stop and do something else.

There is a downside, and this is that the Gargos builds a lot of meter even when you are devouring which can allow him to summon those minions sooner, so there is a bit of risk to it too I guess.

Just going by toolsets, I’d imagine Arbiter does well against Gargos. Portal punch/carbine trade is NOT in Gargos’ favor, and Arbiter’s overshield can ignore both portal punch and minions. Heck, I think popping the overshield does damage to the minions, and because it ignores projectiles Gargos can’t even punish you for it like he does most of the cast. Arbiter’s also got strong mixups off knockdown, which is Gargos’ bane in any MU.

Sadira actually does pretty poorly in the fight - Gargos has pretty good options for controlling large amounts of airspace. Once she gets on top of him it can go her way, but getting there can be a challenge.