Have you bought KI Season 3 Ultra Edition yet? (Poll)

I purchased it this morning.

I purchased it, despite the pricing being unfair because I would have to spend more if I wanted the costumes too. The price is too high though for what they are offering compared to seasons 1 and 2.

I bought it based on the thrust I have in IG. I admit I was a little sad about 3 stages and I didn’t like with a passion lvl 4 enders, but IG never let me down in the end. It was a great ride during season 2 and it will in season 3 too. They are the best dev team I had the pleasure to play a game from. They listen, they talk and they are so talented.
So I felt it was the minimum to do to buy what I know it will be a great season. No matter what.

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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


I’m from Italy, pardon my English. You know it was trust. #Kappa


you left out an option for those of us who intend to buy but are as yet without funds.

Of course I preordered it.

Preordered after finding out the link was up (shortly after it went live I believe) and I got a personal reply from Killer Instinct’s twitter feed letting me know…

Even though most of the bonuses don’t mean that much to me (at the moment at least), I’m looking forward to seeing what comes next as well as early access to the characters.

Yup got it just now!

I’ll most likely just get the Combo Breaker Bundle. I haven’t bought the Ultra editions for Season 1/2 (lied, I actually got the Ultra edition while it was free for Season 1, but you get the drift.), and I’m not really fussed about costumes.

Im never gonna stop complaing about the price not being fair, because its not, but I wanted the costumes. So yes, I preordered, but no I am not happy that they decided to not lower the price, and no, I won’t stop saying how I am not happy about the price, because its my right as a consumer to let them know that the value isn’t there. I want the stuff as it comes out though, even if that means overpaying for it.

So let me get this straight… You want the costumes but you dont want to pay this fair price, which includes other great bonus.

What bonuses does it include? 5 less stages, no classic game. Some KI gold that I am never gonna use, a xp boost that means nothing to me? It is a fair price TO YOU, but I am far from the only one who is upset by the pricing. If you find the value to be a good one, thats great, but don’t try and talk down to people who don’t agree. I am glad you think its worth the money, I think the price is a bit high. Its great to discuss this.


S3 isnt live yet and here you are saying that you will never gonna use the KI Gold…

But if you prefer classic arcade games instead of the $40 worth of in-game currency, colors/costumes and eternal double XP. Good for you. Besides, we don’t know what we can do with that currency yet. But the fact is, it’s worth 40 bucks. Indisputable.

Not worth 40 dollars to me, indisputable. Stop trying to force the value on those who don’t agree with you. Can’t we all just get along? And pretty sure I got costumes with s1 and 2. I don’t agree that the value is there. Can’t you just accept that?

Man, your the one who are trying to force us during all past day with your “unfair price deal”.

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The price is unfair to me, thats my opinion. Nothing wrong with having an opinion. The value isn’t there for me, but it was cheaper to do this then to buy the costumes seperately, I don’t agree that there is 40 dollars worth of content in this package, lets just leave it at that. OKAY? I am sure that this topic was if we preordered, which I did, but I still don’t agree with the pricing, maybe they will release details that will change my mind.

Yeah. Theyll flag us for OT .

Yeah, and we wouldn’t want that. So lets get back on to the topic, yes I preorder, but I am still not a fan of the pricing, and lets leave it at that. only 10 more days now.