Have you bought KI Season 3 Ultra Edition yet? (Poll)

Got mine already.

  • Purchased the Ultra Edition already
  • Waiting on the Combo Breaker Bundle
  • Waiting on additional information on future content before deciding
  • I will not get Season 3
  • Undecided, I will wait

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Nope haven’t brought the ultra. Waiting on details. If not I’ll consider the CBE

With as bad as this games future is looking, i may just buy the cheapest available option. HECK, ill be fine without Season 3 for a while since the patches will be free.

Nah. I’m waiting on the bonus color blog from @rukizzel. Then I will buy.

I’ve already bought it. I’ve not lost hope, and I LIKE most of the things people seam to want to complain about.


Not yet…I need to save for

.Dark souls 3
.The next guest character to be fully shown (cough)

That’s a bold statement. I don’t agree with only one version to buy this game, it should by all means have a $20 version, but it has some interesting things coming worth sticking around for.

Can’t afford it until next month, so I won’t pre-order. But I’m in no rush. I won’t be able to play it before it’s out either way, and I’m a patient man.

YEP I purchased it already! BRING ON THE KI TRAIN! WOOT WOOOOO!

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Bought it within 2 minutes of it being available.

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i was gong to wait for the combo breaker pack but the permanent boosters has dragged my attention… Im still thinking… Would be good for my other live acounts so… Mayhaps…

This should totally be an option! :stuck_out_tongue:


Well…I definitely didn’t count on getting a response lmao. :joy:

Wait, what?

I bought it earlier today since there is nothing about it I don’t like or have an issue with

My only real gripe has been solved, so I’m more than comfortable with my purchase :slight_smile:

I dont normally post anywhere, but Im about to pre order it in a couple of minutes. I want to help add to the positivity and say thanks to the IG team and Microsoft.

As a KI fan and good player, Of course i got mine already. :smiley:

The Bonuses for this S3 are AWESOME (victory).

Just purchased it!

I won’t have the money for it before next month. But I can wait. ^^