Have native languages gone by the wayside since IG took over?

I remember DH went out of their way to give Thunder, Sadira and even Spinal I believe their own distinct language, Jago was the odd man out but I think as the main and first character we already know why they went with that decision.

So far no one since season 2 began has had the same treatment, they’re either hybrid (maya, kan ra) or completely English despite the potential to speak another language (omen, Kim Wu, Tusk, Arbiter?) Is it possible having more story effected this or is it maybe just a different approach?

Hisako? Aganos?


There we go I knew I was forgetting someone, Hisako! Aganos doesn’t speak does he? I never noticed with him to be honest.

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Kim has an alternate Korean instinct phrase

Unless it’s a weirdly sounding English line.
I thought she’d be most authentic speaking only Asian language but it’s not a bother

I thought Hisako only spoke Japanese during her intro, instinct activation and taunt otherwise it’s just battle cries

I’d love if Kan Ra tusk and an upcoming character had foreign language

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Yeah I thought Kan Ra would have been fully Babylonian in his speech and Tusk having a language of his own. Though both of them being warriors of time (interesting match up come to think of it) I’m not too surprised they know some English.

Kim Wu surprised me the most, she doesn’t even have an accent which is kind of weird.

Well she was born and raised in America so it makes sense that she doesn’t have an accent.

*coughHisakocough *


Maya was supposed to speak Portuguese, but…

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I wish Maya didn’t speak English at all honestly, it would make it easier to ignore that no one ever is “worthy prey”.

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She does. Except in the victory screen and possibly intro (forgot what her intro is)

I wish they pushed it more to make each character speak in their native tongue instead of everyone being so fluent in English, but I think IG tried about as much as DH did.

She was? I’m missing a lot of stuff here I didn’t know they had Kim’s story out already. I guess that makes more sense then.

Also I agree about Maya, the outro got old pretty fast. While on that subject maybe we can get a couple more win poses for each character

Language varies by character.

Maya speaks multiple languages because she travels the world to do her monster hunting. Speaking only Portuguese wouldn’t really be best for her to get her job done.

Kim is 1st gen American from Korean and Chinese heritage. She mixes English and Korean, as would anyone that grew up in that environment.

Being a villain, Kan-Ra needs to be understood (villains need to make things personal), and being that old, he’s learned a bunch of languages. He uses Sumerian in his curses however during gameplay.

We’ll certainly add more specific language characters if the opportunity presents itself!


Sweet! Now that’s the reply I was looking for! I’m glad the context of the spoken languages are still being considered. :slight_smile:

As a Brazilian Portuguese speaker I can say this for sure: She doesn’t speaks Portuguese. Not even her couple words in Portuguese are really the Portuguese spoken here.

As a portuguese portuguese speaker I confirm she speaks Portuguese. But yeah, it would make more sense of she spoke PT/BR instead of PT/PT. She still spells the As as if she was Spanish though. Its kinda weird yes but still portuguese.

So what ethnic groups and native languages would you like to see introduced to KI should the opportunity present itself?

Anyone remember koyasha & takeshi from Mace the Dark Age???


That’s awesome. I always wondered if his "Mah-soup"s and throw blurbs were in an actual language. That’s pretty sweet to know they are :smile:


Koyasha is the waifu

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