Has season 3 been priced yet?

If not, when are we getting pricing, whats the hold up?


Nobody has said anything.

thats a pain, considering xbox is going to have a spring sale on march 20-28, hopefully we get pricing and even a prepurchase option before that.

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I know the release date of the game is the 29th, but they are doing a spring sale from the 20th-28th. I fail to understand whats so hard as coming out and saying how much ultra is gonna cost. There is no way it is going to cost 40, but how much cheaper then that will it be.

hey man how’s it going? I came up with all kids of reasons why they haven’t announced a price. from KI season 2 being free with games for gold. (henceforth the silence) I’m not sure when Xbox live announces for the next month take place.

I even made a thread asking if not having a price reflected on the state of SE3 and wether or not it was ready.

In the light of recent events I’ve realized they are treating SE3 like Hannikiah or my kids birthday and dropping hints all month long. from what I’ve heard you won’t see a price until the 26th or 27th. while its their game I stopped caring just recently.

when they do take community feedback its for small things, and I’ve realized not one big fan request (to my limited knowledge) has been introduced into the game.

feedback on characters are one thing but features is another. they do as they wish on the latter.

There is no good reason they could have for not announcing the price. They know what content is included, it doesn’t help that there is going to be a huge sale that lasts until the day before season 3 releases.

let’s see how can I put this…they don’t give an F.

They have a birthday surprise and your gonna like it!

No im not gonna like it.

lol, yes you are… or, or…ya its stupid lol

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all I know is we better get pricing next week. Hopefully there is also a discount for season 1 and 2 owners.

ign had a new article about KI that posted a few days ago. give it a read. hope it takes the edge off at least.


to post that link would endanger your thread and as much as I loathe Hannikiah and birthdays, I’m not gonna post it. just go to ign.com brah.

I have a feeling it involves what we aren’t supposed to talk about, so I will go check it out.


it’ll probably be 20 like S2

Its a given combo breaker will be 20, but how much will ultra be, thats what I buy, and there is no way they are gonna charge 40 this time.

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Ultra im putting at 30

Would be great if we could get an official confirmation. Considering the game comes out in less then 3 weeks.

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