Has anyone figured out how to fix there Teredo Address issues on PC yet?

Like the title says, i havent been able to play online at all because of this. i have been trying to figure out how to fix it for the past 3-4 hours now and having no luck with it. I really dont want to refund it because i had fun in the single player mode.

this is something broken with games on windows 10 i dont know how to fix it tried everything i could think of from port forwarding to DMZing and turning off router settings and all.

same, and support has gone dark, i tweeted them 5 hours ago.

i had to get a refund for gears of war because of this and i have zero problems and open nat with anything except the windows 10 games off their store im not sure what to do anymore i just want to make the games work any way i can .

it really does make me think why they are using this when other games have avoided it

im not even sure what it is or if there is a way for us to make it work i had never heard of it before the gears of war issues.

Yeah my Teredo problem was interesting and took me a few hours to fix. My main problem was that the version of my Teredo was a windows 7 version. I’ve upgraded my windows 7 to 10 so I assume that’s why. Eventually I got my system to use the windows 10 version and now I can play online.

far as i know my pc doesnt have any version of teredo on it i have searched for it in device manager and made sure to check with show hidden devices but its not there so im not sure whats wrong there then if its something i should have

i have upgraded from 7 to 10 aswell, what excatly did you do to update it?

Yeah, please tell us what you did, at this rate I’m patiently waiting for some kind of work around or a patch, I was going to buy the $50 pack but im not buying a thing till they fix the online issues on PC, I’m sure they will soon enough. I did a lot of Teredo trouble shooting, from what I can tell literally nothing works so if what you did worked, I really want to know what that was lol

Well, I reformatted windows 10 and low and behold it found my teredo address so reformatting fixed it for me.

have a friend i want to play having this issue, is there anyway to check what version of Teredo they have? and is updating it to win 10 version is fix for this?

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I’ve tweeted at three different KI related users. No responses.

pm me your steam. i can try to help, i had a friend help fix my issue earlier.

Why not just type the fix here. You’re gonna have to type it to him anyway.

because i dont know what his specific issue is. no luck at all.

I’m having this issue as well, tried every solution on the Microsoft help page and nothing work

support have gone dark on me also, been troubleshooting this issue all day with no results

Just for you all in here we are tracking issues in this thread. Will update when we have more.

I don’t know what the problem is but I’m obtaining a Teredo Address just fine but still can’t connect to any matches at all in any game mode.