Guilty Gear xrd Revelator coming to PC

As reported by various sites on the net.

Now all I need is KoF14 to join…

I bought the last Xrd on PC and never really got into it.

I am afraid I won’t like it either as I am more of a KoF guy myself. Still, it’s good news if you’re into fighting games like many of us.

Already have it on PS3 but I’m excited all the same. Would love to have Xrd Rev on the road. Just waiting on Central Fiction.

Agree that it’s good news for fighting games in general. Sorry if my last post came off as terse. I wanted to respond to the thread, but then I couldn’t really think of what else to say, lol.

I’ve wanted to check out Xrd, but I wasn’t going to buy Sign on PC when Revelator was out on the Sony platforms, and now that Revelator on PC is here I’m reluctant to buy in because if it took this long for Revelator to get here, then I can’t really expect the (likely?) third installment to show up concurently on both platforms, can I?

At this rate I’m more likely to bite the bullet and get a PS4 if I’m eager enough to get into this game.

Me too. I have been going back and forth about getting a PS4. If (a big if) MvC 4 does get announced and, if (another if) it’s a PS4 exclusive then I have no choice but to buy one.

Don’t worry. It didn’t come across like that at all.
I have been around this board for a while so I know a little how to “read” comments from everyone.

Sometimes I feel guilty when a (non troll) thread has zero comments, lol.

Is the netcode of this game and the Blazblue games good?

I’m not sure. BlazBlue is okay on Xbox One but I enever played any of these online on PC. Frankly I’m not experienced enough to notice minor latency issues for these games anyway.


Totally forgot that it came out already. Still need to pick it up…but no cross play???