Guests outside Rare

Yeah, I suppose you’re right. I didn’t think about that until after posting that yesterday. I guess my vision of it was more of a passive character that had other creatures fighting for her and both her and the creature would be on the screen at the same time, but I get what you’re saying. Think I might actually change that out. Good call. :grin:

Now, I think a “beast master” type character could work out really well if done right, and would be really interesting. I just think the swapping mechanic should stay unique to ARIA.

Yeah, a beast master type of character is exactly what I was thinking. But yeah, the trick would be in making that fun, workable, and different from ARIA and her swapping mechanic. The more I think about it, the tougher that sounds.

Just a quick idea, but having the Master doing most of the fighting, and certain specials bringing the beast in for attacks (or having the beast automatically assist attacks on a timer, like Cinder’s Fired Up mechanic) would be interesting. When in Instinct, the roles could be switched, and the beast takes over, with a different moveset and attacking/recovery speed.

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I’d definitely be down for that idea! I think it’s time we get an instinct for a character that completely changes them from one thing to another. Not saying that’d be easy, but having the master as the default character, with special moves that utilize different beast characters, then actually switching to a beast character for instinct would be great to me. Great idea!

only drawback is because you don’t use the beast often you’ll have to practice with it alot more. It only happens twice per match if any so you’ll have to put alot of practice to master two characters instead of one.

That’s true, but I think it would make a very unique character. A lot of people have complained that a lot of the current Instincts simply allow a character’s special meter or ability to always be “turned on,” or simply give frame advantages, and I think this would make a nice change of pace. Maybe the Beast plays completely different and simpler, a rushdown type character, while the Master plays more like a zoner, or defensive fighter.

I’m just throwing this out there as I think of it, to be honest. But I feel like we have characters who only reach their potential when you really train with them (Maya, Kan-Ra, etc) so requiring a lot of practice as the Beast doesn’t seem too out of place to me.

This seriously needs to be a topic of it’s own. I can see this concept being applied not just to a person and their monstrous flesh eating pet, but altertantively a human character who can actually turn into a monster lol. Either way I like the sound of it.

I have suggested this several times and will continue to do so…
Bad Mr. Frosty

Also consider that this game is getting a remake so it would help both the KI and Clayfighter franchise come together and grow as a potentially top-notch fighting game for serious competitors. The other reason for this inclusion would be that Frosty would fit extremely well since Clayfighter has a very identical combo system i.e. opener > linker > ender.

Another suggestion comes from the same game, reason is relatively simple. There isn’t a rabbit/hare fighter in the diverse world of KI.

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I never thought of this and I already love the idea. I immediately see Spinal as his rival where Spinal tries to distance Marius but Marius tries to get in and deal the damage with his sword skill. I can see his instinct too, Spirit of Damocles…


He’s my favorite! My big brother had N64 and Clayfighter 2

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Not sure how Konami and MS can work this out, but what about Simon Belmont from Castlevania?

An easy way to explain the guests that works with the current story.
They will arrive in KIs universe via portals.

■■■■■ Arbiter and Joanna Dark.
I want Ash


Or dimensional wormholes for that particular matter :wink:

I know they aren’t outside of Rare, but I think that Kameo and Conker are good choices. I could especially see Kameo morphing into different animals during her combos and such.

An interesting choice could be one of the Flood from Halo, or even Tartarus with his gravity hammer.

Non-Microsoft characters? There are plenty of interesting ones; it just comes down to licensing.

The Shrike from Hyperion.
Mikasa from Attack on Titan.
Drizzt D’Urden
Characters from Magic the Gathering
King Arthur

The day we get anime characters as guest characters is the day I quit said game.

It probably shouldn’t, but I am still surprised at how close-minded people can be.

What if Dio join KI season 3… He’s too OP for whole KI characters!

Dio from “Jojo’s bizzare adventure”

But Aria and even Hisako are largely inspired by Anime.

I mean in the most literal sense. I don’t want Naruto in a Tekken game for example. Them having IDOLM@STER costumes is enough.

The only exception I’d probably give to this is Kenshiro.