Beastmaster or Transforming character

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As requested, I’m opening a separate thread to continue this discussion.

I think if done correctly, a character whose instinct either replaces him/her with a creature with a different moveset, or transforms themselves (still changing the moveset) would make a really interesting and unique character for the KI roster.

I think this Instinct could do one of two things - change the moveset temporarily (for the duration of Instinct) or be a permanent change until Instinct is activated again. The second option would allow the player to remain in the second moveset indefinitely, but would require the use of Instinct in the first place.


I love the idea of the second option. But of course to balance it the beast/second character will have to have flaws that will make you want to value both characters. Or if you make the beast character really crazy to play, stick with the first option.

This character sounds promising, I HOPE IG and MS are taking this into account.

I definitely agree with you on the flaws. At the risk of being too specific, I was thinking the characters would need to be different enough (think Aganos and Sabrewulf) that one form may be stronger against your current opponent than the other. Sure, you can Instinct cancel, but you’re going to change form when you do - and will it benefit you enough to make the cancel worth it?

I think this character’s Instinct needs to have some inherent risk or cost, considering the changeup between the two characters.

I think that’s a neat idea. Because Instinct canceling means you switch out with the character though if the move input is the same but the abilities of the characters are different based on who you’re as at the point means the combo can be continued or faulter. I can MAYBE seeing this happen in the opposite where you can still continue the combo but I don’t know.

Considerin it’s a major trait all the characters can do for the most part the beast and tamer need to have something to balance this seeing as while the cost and risk of instinct canceling may be good it can leave that character at a huge disadvantage because Instinct Canceling is used to extend combos as a reset. If the change does effect this character in that manner than you can expect to get no hardly anything higher than 16 hits or so depending on how these characters function.

That’s one specefic way.

I’m not suggesting this character couldn’t cancel, but that cancelling forces the change, meaning you have to be ready to combo or whatever in the new form, even if you didn’t want to change.

SHAPESHIFTAH? It would be called Khimera

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Ah that makes since works out well if ya ask me,

I’ve been thinking about this character idea again, and I think this could make for a really interesting character aligned with Gargos. We already have Glacius, so we know aliens exist in the ingame universe, and Gargos is coming from another plane - having a different alien species with a symbiotic beast (think the Kroot from Warhammer 40,000) could fit this idea.

Alternatively, a pair of warped monstrosities, physically tortured and enslaved by Gargos would work well.

The downside to the alien option is that it takes a little bit of Glacius’ uniqueness away, and I’m not sure how I feel about that.