Guest Character: The Dark Queen (from Battletoads) PLEASE!

Dear Iron Galaxy,

I really think that The Dark Queen from Battletoads would be an awesome addition for Season 3 Guest Characters. You have your protagonist (Rash) so why not have antagonist as well. She would be a perfect fit. Here is why.

  1. She is evil and seductive.

  2. Everyone loves a great villian.

3.She has magical powers and abilities like altering her size (special move 1) and commanding an army of rats and pigs (which and be used as projectiles).

4.Also the ability to transform herself into a tornado (special move 2)

  1. She can also instantly teleport and attack players with her staff (special move 3)

  2. Her Instinct can be called “Double Dragon” in which she can transform into a massive flame and move across the screen and throw fireballs from all directions.

  3. Her Laugh is Awesome which can be used as her Taunt and Victory and she can say something like “I’ll soon rule your precious Planet (Laugh)”

Her Entrance can be something like…
“Still Fancy Your Chances? Come to me now, If you dare! (Laugh)”

  1. Finally she already looks amazing so customization pieces for The Dark Queen would be awesome!! (capes, crowns, etc)

I hope my idea can be taken into consideration. I would be happy if I can help with even more ideas to bring her to life.

Sincerely ,



I love watching your stream!

Nice ideas. I would have rather seen the Dark Queen instead of Rash. She’s more visually appealing… Not just in the sexy way but could actually look at home in KI.


I do like your idea however I think it’s too late. All requests for Season 3 were most likely granted before it was confirmed. I do know that at least 1 more guest character is going to be in Season 3 but it’s probably another battletoad or Joanna Dark.

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Or Kameo, Conker, or Banjo and Kazooie

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Kameo with a Dark Queen outfit maybe???

I think the guest are already chosen and Rare Replay may actually have clues as to who they are. Just looking at the case, Rash and Joanna are the most promanent characters and Rash is practically pointing at Joanna.

I’m Thinking:

I don’t think we’ll have more than 2 guest characters. Probably some newcomers along the way.

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Not sure about them but we’ll see soon enough.

I thinking 3 if Eyedol don’t return and 2 if he does.

3 Returning
3 Newcomers
3 guest

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Thank you I really appreciate that Archonate. Thanks for looking at my idea!

Yeah you are probably right. But in any case I was thinking about Season 3 Guest Characters and She popped up in my head, and I thought of all the awesome ways how she would just fit perfectly in the game. Thank you so much for viewing and sharing your thoughts :slight_smile: stay awesome


Yeah I think that its going to be Joanna as well. My idea just came a little too late I guess. I was thinking about who would fit in KI for a really long time and Dark Queen came to mind. Just wish I thought of it sooner. Thank you for viewing and sharing your thoughts. Stay Awesome :slight_smile:

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Not sure about Eyedol but think if anyone is going to be left out it will be him. Gargos will probably be the final character of Season 3 is my guess though.

I would like the Dark Queen being in as a guest but not over Rash, though I do not think it would be right for us to get two Battletoad guests, if there is a season 4 and they plan to include more guest and we already got Joanna Dark I would like the Dark Queen to be considered, but only if guests are considered I do not want her in if they were not considering more guests in season 4.

Who said anything about Season 4?

If, with the emphasis on if, there is going to be a Killer Instinct Season 4, that is


I’m pretty sure this will be the final season of KI. I think a sequel will probably be released by the end of the decade or in 2020.

how sad would be for KI to have several guests yet have Eyedol not return. That would be a shame.

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Personally, I’d rather not have more than one character from another series appear in this game. I’d rather have some variety in that specific regard.

Hoping for Joanna Dark, Kameo (with a bit of a darker design), or perhaps Kaim from Lost Odyssey (even though I know that’d never happen).

This is what I said about Tusk when S2 was announced.