Guesses for That Second Guest Character in Season 3

Hey folks,
Last night, I sat down and watched the interview with Adam Isgreen talk about S3. After seeing how well Rash was treated from just the beta, I am curious to see who th next guest is.

With that in mind, Adam said some things about who the guest character potentially is could be, saying a silhouette would give the character away and that people would be incredible surprised and wowed on who it is.

After seeing Rash, I thought the second guest would be another Rare character, specifically Conker since 2016 would be his 15th anniversary and his original game came out in around March, when Season 3 hits. With Adam saying the character is more of a surprise, I feel adding another Rare character would be a bit to obvious, but I could be wrong.

Looking through the Xbox Exclusives, I do not see any characters really without drastically changing their tone that would fit. Master Chief from Halo I feel is too plane and as much as I would like to see a Gears of War character, I feel without drastically changing the tone of a character it wouldn’t happen. I was even considering Lara Croft, since Rise of the Tomb Raider has a year’s exclusivity with Microsoft being potentially that character, but I do not think she would be the greatest fit.

Other gaming companies I don’t see anyone jumping in. SEGA seems to be in bed with Nintendo, EA, Activiosn, and Ubisoft seem to be striking exclusive content for Sony. Square Enix is the one wild card, as they’re working out deals with both Nintendo and Sony, so maybe theres something in the works with Microsoft besides Tomb Raider?

Outside of the video gaming world, Disney seems to be having a lot of exclusivity with Sony, so I feel Star Wars and Marvel Characters are out, and DC comics and such are with Warner brothers. Other fighting game characters i feel are thrown out as well since a lot of the big name fighters are coming out next year as well, although Akuma in tekken does show signs of hope this could happen with KI.

Seeing how Adam claimed they want to keep the spirit of the character alive when playing as them, it seems to have me a quite a blur wondering who this guest character would be that would make sense, as well as practical. My ultimate guess, is that its Conker, and if not, another Rare character. What are your folk’s thoughts? I want to see if someone can guess who it is before the season starts.

I’m betting on either Joanna Dark or the Arbiter.


It’s Scorpion. Lol EVERYBODY will be surprised and wowed, because people said it couldn’t be done.



Scorpion would instantly become my main. They could have his MKX primary as his standard costume, and his MK1 costume as his retro lol

Would be cool if it was Cortana - we haven’t had a hologram yet… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I personally think it is the Halo dude, Johana Dark and I wish Lara Croft!

But if it was someone from MK or a horror movie type trope… oh man that would be amazeballs!!!

I disagree - there’s been way too much of that lately in the FGC. I think it’s become a rather boring trope.

Not for me! Im a huge Michael Myers collector! I have 7 masks that span through 15 years made from the movie molds and average 275$-450$!!! I have things signed by ■■■■ Warlock and I have the novels. Im a Halloween fan boy!


(cough) Arbiter… (cough)


Adam said something about it being a character someone mentioned on the forums before so I’m thinking Joanna Dark is likely. Don’t think it’ll be Conquer or Banjo Kazooie though.

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Please no master chief, don’t need him in this. Arbiter would be cool. Or Raam from gears.
Joanna dark is a shoe in.
Scorpion I dont know about. It would be awesome seeing him properly, fluidly combo.
I think Ed boon would be up for 1 of his characters showing up. Just who tho. We already have robots, ninjas and military women

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I wouldn’t be surprised if Joanna Dark was involved in the game somehow. She seems to be the upmost asked for character. I just hope she is balanced because there’s three fighting games which to me are bad with gun using characters.

Aside from a Battletoad Joanna and Arbiter have been the most heavily requested from the community, with the recent release of Halo 5 I wouldn’t be shocked at all to get a Halo character either.

If we get something like Scorpion I’m going to be disappointed as hell.

Why? :confused:

Low hanging fruit, there are so many better characters we could have.

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Joanna Dark! I would love to see yet another character from another dead Rare franchise come back to life!

Don’t his comments about the silhouette being obvious kind of mean it isn’t Joanna Dark? Her silhouette wouldn’t give away her identity.

I’m even more convinced it’s Joanna now because he said the gender would give too much away. Among possible female guests she’s the one that has been mentioned the most wheras the options for male characters are more debatable. Think, if Adam said “Yeah it’s a male” then I guess Master Chief, Arbiter or Scorpion would all be viable choices and we would still know as much as before. He pretty much told us without actually telling us, I think.



Joanna Dark.

SCORPION??? do you that guess scorpion know anything about the cost of licensing and how much money this would cost, when MS couldn’t even pay for Shadow Jago alone?


We should have a poll. Pretty sure it’s going to be Joanna Dark. Mostly because I think MS will try to reboot that franchise and her as guest character would be a pretty good hint at that.