Ground-Air-Repeat combos

Hi, I was just wondering if anybody had any good combos with Sadira that involved juggling to the ground to the air to the ground etc. I have been trying to get better with her in this regard and I am simply not very good at it. If you have any combo strings that you could list or provide, that would be amazing! Thanks.

I’ve noticed other Sadira users juggling in the air, getting to the ground first with light widows bite and then doing forward heavy kick to knock me back in to the air and repeating this a few times. I’ve also seen widows drop ground bounce used in there as well.

Seems like there are so many options and I seem to be terrible with finding the right strings to put it all together. :slight_smile:


A very basic combo you can do off a throw or a meaty fang is: Throw/ Fang > MP pause > LWB > FANG > MP pause > LWB > FANG > H Recluse/ Shadow Recluse…

You can also do a Throw/ Fang > Tiger Knee MWB > Salticidae > Widow’s Drop > Fang > Shadow Recluse

Honestly there are tons of things you can do. For me there are two things I’m looking for in terms of juggle potential… 1. Damage. or 2. Reset/ Option Select potential.

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Awesome! This is just what I was looking for. Thanks man!

I got the second combo string pretty quickly, but for some reason, I can’t seem to get the timing on the first string.

I can do throw > MP pause > LWB > FANG, but the opponent never seems to go as high or I can’t seem to get back in to the air fast enough and on the few times that I have, I can never seem to time MP pause > LWB correctly to get another FANG out in time.

I’ve tried both MP with a really quick LWB that actually goes under the opponent, they land on it and it pops them up so I have time to get to the ground for FANG. Again though, can’t get back in the air fast enough.

I also tried the more literal (and I’d assume intended) MP, pause for a moment, then LWB that pops the opponent back up and I can get the following FANG to hit on that as well, but again, either they don’t go high enough or I can’t seem to get in the air fast enough.

Either way, I can’t seem to get the timing down on this string at all. I really hate to ask, but do you have any video of you doing this string? If not, no problem. Just trying to figure out some of this cool stuff I see (much) better Sadira players doing! :slight_smile:

Either way, thanks a ton for the help man!