GREATS ideas to block the endless dual or triple ultra combo

First hello to everyone.

As everyone know it is often tiresome to watch a double or triple ultra.
so why not be able to block them at the right time if we still have a full shadow bar.
this action will only be possible if there is a double or even triple ultra, not the first.
the developpers could call it “” Enough! “or” “leave me!” or “Stop it!” or “” GET AWAY! "When it happens, not combo breaker or ultra combo breaker.
obviously the way of breaker stays the same as the current combo breaker.

here 3 choice to do and dont forget to comment :smirk: thanx yall

  • OK for “” Enough! “or” “leave me!” or “” Get away!"“or”'Stop it!"
  • DEVs should find another way to break it
  • its no necessary let the double or triple goin on.

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Devs should find another way. One way is givng them other opions such as Ultimates to make a victory satisfying without dragging on the fight.

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:laughing: thats right . but here thats over the tiresome double or triple ultra . i wish also we can have ultimates and fatalities as everyone :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

They should just take out the recaptures during ultra… simple. Or have it so you can select to style or so singular ultra… many ways to go about it but not block it… It would be cool to break the ultra if you have full shadow even though you have lost… A kind of 1 last break just to stop them saying like ’ yea ok you beat me but I can still break your ultra’ :slight_smile: would be fun

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I actually like this one. Could call it Surrender or just “Enough!”. I doubt it’ll be used much if the requirement is full Shadow Meter (does the one getting Ultra’d gain meter during it? never really looked so not sure about this).

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Ultra, double ultra or triple ultra is part of the game, just like MKX have fatalities. you can not take that out of the game or stop it. that would be just wrong. everybody is also tired of seeing the same fatality over and over again but that is part of the game. KI has ultras, just leave it the way it is. People have fun doing that.And you want to stop that?
I think that would be wrong to do.
I can understand your point but still its part of KI.
I say; dont take away the awesomeness of a double and triple ultra, instead ad a recap for more characters!


:grinning: man u are a angel falling from the sky :kissing_heart:.
thats a good idea to breack the ultra when we have eneough shadow bar . ill try to add it on this post for vote :sunglasses:

if im good remember when the ultra is launched only the beater get shadow meter refill im nope sure

thats a nice point of view too

Here’s my idea:


I have an idea. Don’t lose.


I now say that is really not necessary as I personally happened to enjoy watching Ultras/Ultra Combos as well as Ultra Enders :wink:


Haha me too. I always watch until the end to see what new combos are possible, lol.


I watch them in anticipation to see if the opponent can end it properly. If they drop it, I laugh at them. You’d be surprised at how much doing so steals their thunder. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Whenever I drop my ultra, I just kind of sit there like “Well, ■■■■”

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when someone double/triple ultras you on the first match of the 2 of 3 set…

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Devil’s advocate:

I understand it’s part of the game, but sometimes I just want to move on. I understand the first ultra. You deserve that if you beat me.

What about my fun? I’m not having fun waiting for the other person to end the match. It’s a lot of down time waiting through 2, sometimes 3, ultras.


thank u uuuuu :smiley: cause some people think im askin this only for me lol . thats just a option for everyone after the first ultra .

This was why I was opin for Ultimates because it’d be a good solution in some cases.

Personally I don’t ever plan on doing Tripple Ultras to anyone online I have no interest in wasting time so I just cancel it.

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Ultimates don’t really solve this if you think about it. Double Ultra and instead of a 3rd Ultra,Ultimate.