Good teleport Set ups?

I’m trying to get better with fulgore. For now It’s all lab until I get more used to his combos =)
I was wondering about some Teleport set ups I could learn by heart. It would help me if you can share some. I like doing the homework myself but I think it would be faster if you could give me a hand with this since I have to practice to have a pocket Fulgore in short time XD

So after a hardknockdown i go for a light fire ball into teliport in front or behind with f-hp,overhead, or grab thats what i use.


Fulgore can’t teleport in front or behind someone; he can teleport only to the left, right, or center of the screen - whether he teleports in front of or behind the other character is entirely relative of his opponent’s position and spacing. So, how do you say, for example, get behind your oponent using a teleport if they’re already in the far corner? The answer is that you can’t because you will always teleport in front of him/her in that scenario. This is why it’s important to know the difference. :wink:

Also, I would punish that f.HP overhead so hard! I don’t recommend that, as I can poke you out of the teleport, block it and shadow counter it, or even neutral jump it. Sure, the projectile might hit, but that’s a paltry compared to being hit by a full combo.

you can actually teleport into the corner when your opponent is already cornered, and if the fireball after teleport hits you can actually combo into overhead or f. HP or even st. HK… you just have to do the setup properly.
@MaruMDQ I main fulgore, if you want to play some sets and get some pointers I’m all for it :+1:

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Easiest setup I would start with is just forward throw, immediate light fireball xx teleport. The fireball will hit perfectly meaty every time. There are other variations you can do on this setup, but you should start here.

Eh, you get hit by the fireball/teleport mixup, and then the overhead combos. If you guess right on the 50/50, then you also have to guess right on high/low/throw after it. Sure you can guess shadow counter but it’s not always going to work.

The fwd+HP is strictly unpunishable when canceled, of course, and is a block string when you block the fireball, so there is no gap to punish.


cool! and thanks. I’ll add you soon =)

@MaruMDQ I have an introductory guide posted in another Fulgore thread. The Vid has timestamps in the description it has quite a few bread and butter teleport setups. Check that out if you’re interested.

LemonHunter is amazing as well. You can learn a lot from him.

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yeap, I have experienced the vortex of death already LOL
Is the same video from S3 right? The thing is with the laser frame data changes I had to make some adjustments. but if we talk about set ups with teleport it’ll be good. I remember you saying that ender 3 followed with light fireball was the setup.

Yes it does, it forces meter or a reversal to avoid more pressure. We can run a couple matches if you want to see some setups and idea’s behind them. My forum name is my GT. The S3 video is the right one. Laser frame data changed sure, but the setups are all the same. The hardest part is timing the teleport itself actually. You want the projectile to hit right when you swap sides almost to the frame. That gives them no time to react and under the right conditions reverses their inputs.

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You know, that set up is that’s kind of evil =3
But if Hisakos keep me guessing 100% on my wake up…Then I don’t care. I would love to do that to Hisakos so they know how it feels XD (Oh my, I think my salt is typing for me… :worried: )

It’s ok - Hisako still loves you :heart:

Lol, there is a reason I loved developing that setup :slight_smile: only issue is level 3 ender. But he has plenty of setups though

Does mid combo devastator beam > slightly delayed s lk > fireball >teleport cancel count as a setup?

The fireball hits meaty but wont combo if you do overhead. Also you need amazing meter awareness or instinct in order to build the pip.

So i guess I’ll call it fulgore despair since it takes all your meter which you shouldve already spent, and does abut 80-90%

after the dev beam hits they’re knocked down. if you meaty them into a set up id say it does, but you have to becareful because from what i understand there is a slight gap for them at the teleport to try to stop you, or counter attack. in that scenario, if you land a meaty id go into combo and throw out a counter breaker because they will panic seeing all that potential damage you just stacked onto them. or, you can do fireball ender and start your vortex

Dev beam setups mid screen can be reacted to. Imo, if you must use a beam, my favorite is on a wall splat. Beam damage is hardly scaled there and you can do a good corner control mixup of your choice.

Another good setup I’ve been using is the S1 launcher ender into St Hk. If you are no where near a wall, cancel into light projectile and they will wake up right into it giving you an easy teleport setup or full screen distance. It is also a setup for 1 heavy laser guaranteed chip damage unless they burn meter. You can also juggle off it into heavy dp to build that precious spin speed.

i rarely use that launcher ender of his,i use the others but never that one. i need to start doing it more often with that standing FK > fireball > teleport. good fulgores have used that on me and its always awesome

Yeah I’ve only recently started using it again. Has so much potential with the new juggles since you can do shorter combos and juggle different buttons before the punt.

been using it, yeah its really effective lol.i do plasma ender, set up, combo, juggle ender > punt, teleport set up, combo, plasma ender. opponent ends up getting thrown left and right across the screen both ways and they’ll get flustered enough to pop instinct hunting for a reversal.

they’ll do this after the first few times they’re hit at which point ill do a feint teleport > heavy beam > then teleport during stagger and go back into combo. ive gotten quite a few victories with this, i wish i wouldve thought of this sooner but my fulgore play had hit a plateau, well i may have now broken it. the punt itself throws them off in a way seeing how fast they fly across the screen and it makes them get hesitant or the jitters for a straight up DP after teleport.

Yeah, I also developed a throw cancel setup for a one chance break. If they block incorrectly they take 60-70% and if they do block it, it is a safe string. You can alter the timing as you choose for ambiguous crossup. You have to not combo the arial into sweep and destroy. If they combo it is breakable. It is a frame trap mixed off a crossup high low, so it is very good. Works best off a back throw. Works vs anyone too. Depending on your timing is how you crossup larger characters. A medium teleport to cancel the recovery sets your spacing perfectly so I recommend using that too. Costs 5 pips.