Good teleport Set ups?

I’ve also been using the punt setup more, it is the same as my level 3 knockdown ender but has more variety and isn’t reliant on ender level. Level 3 is still the better one if available but, punt can be breaker bait too. So the options almost make it his best ender right now.

hey, that set up vid you just posted is really juicy, im going to practice that! thank you very much for the tech. very helpful of you man, im always hungry for knowledge in my pursuit to break my skill wall. its starting to crumble slow and steady these days

If you want to, I have a S3 guide for Fulgore lots of easy setups if you haven’t seen some of them before. Loads of Gore content on my channel. Some stuff I kept hidden until it was patched like the safe +10 wakeup dp and stuff. I only shared that with Nicky, my GT is the same as forum name if you ever want to run tech sets. Pick each others brains and develop stuff?

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sounds good man, id be up for that when i have the chance to do so. imo, my biggest weakness with fulgore has to be my execution. my DP inputs are getting better, but since im not quite there yet i am missing oppurtunities to stuff people’s BS when they think they have an opening. thus, this has kept me as advanced level player but middle of the road there until i can get further attuned with the arcade stick

Wouldn’t it be better to just get info out there? No need for secret tech imo

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When it breaks the game? I keep it secret. But it has been patched so I made it public. But think of what a 100% safe advantage on block dp scenario does for a character like Fulgore? That’s why I kept it to myself lol. It’s a huge discovery. The metrr building I have told people. 50% spin from a short unbreakable.

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Im fairly curious about the dp shadow laser. Im trying to replicate it and im getting fireball every time. And when i get laser it goes through all 3 hits

Oh nevermind i see this is pre patch

Yeah, you can only shadow fireball cancel it now. The air laser was super + and not intended to work that way. It meant Fulgore with 4 pips could wakeup safely 100% of the time. Someone with his tools it is too good, and it’s been in the game since S1 and wasn’t fixed until a few months ago. I’m glad it was fixed but sad because I was one of the first to find it. It was the best tech I ever found, I’ve developed plenty but that was just top of the world. I’ll keep finding stuff though. Sometimes giving out all the tech just makes it seem like people are not experimenting with their character. They want someone else to do all the lab work and list the info for everyone else. Fulgore definitely has that the most being how versatile he is. So I share a few here and there. When I was learning Fulgore all I had were tourney uploads to learn ideas. Now there is a lot of info how for him but his pool is still one of the smallest on the forums.