Good Idea for a buff or Too Much?

I was wondering what you Kim Wu mains would think about her receiving these changes.

  1. Kim Wu can now hold up to 5 dragons: This puts her in line with other resource characters who can hold a similar amount of their resource such as Eyedol’s 6 power ups, Aganos’s 4 chunks, Maya’s 4 pips, or Spinal’s 5 skulls. This would make her instinct, parry, and resource ender all the more useful to ensure more opportunities to use her dash mechanic.

  2. Kim Wu’s Resource ender now builds resources according to ender level : Similar to aganos’s and spinals resource enders Kim Wu now too can build her resources much more quickly with this ender making using this ender much more valuable in a match.

  3. Kim Wu can now Backdash cancel as well as forward dash cancel with her dragon resource : Now this is a very strong buff and could potentially be too strong but I want to know what you guys would think about this one. I am absolutely willing to restrict it to Instinct only if deemed too powerful an ability for regular Kim Wu to have, similar to the dragon cannon.

So those are the suggestions Id like for Kim Wu to personally gain but I want to know your thoughts on which suggestions may be good ideas or which ones may be too powerful, either way Im definitely interesting in what you all think.

1 and 2 are OP, IMO. I’ve seen what she can do with dragons, and they are powerful! So having any more would definitely make her come off as too stong and not the teenager in training she’s actually meant to be.

I’m not sure about 3, but I imagine it would also be too good, although I’ve asked the same question myself, so…

Also, her regular forward dash and back dash are really good on their own already.

Maybe give her 2 dragons at damage level 4 instead of 1? I think that would be okay. It gives her momentum and rewards her for taking a bigger risk. Double or nothing, as they say.

They do need to improve her shadow counter, I think (again). It still whiffs a lot (although noticeably less since the last update). I think they should set it up so it moves her forward…

If anything her shadow firecracker should propel her forward.
She can’t be OP

See, the Backwards Dragon Cancel is the one that made me stop and think. If done right, it could have a lot of awesome utility for baiting punishes or retreating. Adds new dimension to her game plan.
Perhaps if it wasn’t as Plus it could be balanced out. It’s a bit of an iffy one.

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What if she had a flip out? She could get some nice mix-ups with that, or does it not match her character archetype?

The combination of all 3 suggested buffs is too strong. Dragon cancels are very good… they are safe reversals, for one, as well as scary pressure and combo extenders. If she could backdash OR forward dash a safe reversal (and not spend the resource at all as a hit confirm), AND she can hold 5 of them, AND she builds them faster… you’re going to have a character that might not be top tier, but will have a very degenerate strategy that won’t be fun for the defense at all.

Holding 3 dragons is fine IMO. She almost never has all 3 (except during instinct), because they are so powerful on offense and defense that they are used very quickly after you get them. Dragon cancel dash is 15 frames, which is incredibly fast), so being able to backdash AND forward dash at roughly this speed makes her extremely difficult to pin down. For a character with strong footsies, you have to be careful making them this slippery.

They said on a weekly stream a week or two ago that they are doing this in their next major patch, whenever that comes out. The shadow version of Firecracker (and therefore the shadow counter version) will play a different animation that sees her step forward between each hit.


The buffs I would like to see for Kim are this:

-increase the range on Dragon Kick (all versions)
-lower the recovery on Dragon Counter (it’s like 2 full seconds, and still too much if she parries and the enemy isn’t in stun)
-put her at advantage after a Dragon Counter (she gets beaten if she tries to challenge pretty much every time)
-Give her a decent poke that hits mid (her medium punch is 9 frames and hits high, it’s not really that great against characters like Jago who can cr.MK under all her buttons)
-Maybe give her some meter with the Firecracker ender

She doesn’t need more dragons, I personally just want some changes to make her limited tools more practical

With holding 5 dragons, i just doubt its something theyd do. It doesnt feel like itd fit as fair in the way i remember them talking about the game and the character.

The ender level thing is interesting to me though. Its not easy to get to lvl 4, and it sounds like shes tougher than other characters to get to. Maybe getting 2 dragons at lvl 4 for the cost of a longer combo that could be broken/dropped and a bar of meter is cool.

Backdash cxl…maybe?

Kim buffs IMO:
-Increase her walk speed. Her normal have low range, but with better walskpeed she could put herself in her comfort zone easily.
-Dragon counter should leave her in better frame advance
-Firecracker ender should grant her shadow meter and better frame advance.

For the moment maybe that’s enough

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@Infilament Shouldný your reply go to the OP and not to me. The way you address me, you almost make it out like the 3 initial ideas were mine, when they’re not…

So, dragon, frame advantage, AND shadow meter!? I dunno, as it seems a like a bit too much to me…

I don’t really think Kim needs a buff, but I would like to see something change with a burf or two. I don’t think she is low tier, but I do think she is the least interesting character in the roster.

Not much shadow meter. Around 60% or so of one stock from a lvl 4 ender

Not much? That’s a lot!

I’d cut it to 40% at Lvl4, since she gets a Dragon Cancel as well.

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Which suggestion of the 3 seems the most fair or makes the most sense for improving/adding more depth to her character? I also think gaining all 3 buffs may be a bit much. The most interesting and powerful change for me is giving her the backdash cancel since it adds simply a new option to her arsenal and makes her 3 dragons alot more intimidating than they currently are but its also the one I could see being the most problematic.

So the Shadow Firecracker may move forward now? Hmm… Interesting. I’d have to see how fast. It could have some cool uses!

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Seems a lot, but considerating her damage ender, throwing away a lvl 4 damage ender for around half meter and one dragon seems like a very situational choice.

You are normally using damage ender when your ender lvl is high, and firecracker on one chance low lvl ender. The better frame advantage it’s enough to condition but not enough to apply a mixup

Again, my problem with Kim is that the tools she has don’t feel practical enough, even her pokes feel lackluster. So the changes I suggested would help. Does she need it? I dunno.

I didn’t code the forum software. I typed a response to the OP, then replied to one of your points, and the software just does what it’s gonna do.

Don’t worry, though. With some clever deduction, you figured out the structure of my post, and I trust others in this forum are smart enough to do so as well.

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