Good Idea for a buff or Too Much?


Yeah, it could be like Glacius and Eyedol where the battery ender builds half the meter of a normal battery ender.


Honestly I think it maybe worth it to just get rid of the resource ender all together and give kim wu the back dash cancel option after using a dragon resource, it makes the 3 dragons only make more sense by giving them more power and utility as well as making her instinct more deadly. I think this would open up the possibilities even further for her while making her ability of obtaining said resources more unique compared to most resource based characters.

Another change if she doesnt already do this (I dont think she does this already unsure honestly) is when she parries an opponents (besides projectiles) she should send the opponent into a hard knockdown state, do damage and gain a dragon as a reward for a successful parry. Also the parry should always work, Ive seen way to many instances where the kim wu made the correct read and the parry did nothing to the opponent which is dumb.


I know Kim Wu’s parry is considered very powerful, because it will stuff high mid and low moves and it gives her a resource, but I feel like it’s too challenging to actually use. If I had to make one change to Kim Wu that would make me, personally, more enthusiastic about playing her it would be to loosen the window in her Dragon Parry.

Also, kudos to the OP. This is a great way to facilitate a discussion of buffs without getting everyone all riled up and salty. In regards to your ideas, I think any or all of them could be done. It’s tough to imagine Kim getting all of that, though. Five dragons is actually a lot to put on the screen, even forgetting their value as a resource. I have often thought about her resource ender giving her more than one dragon. It could work but I don’t see her getting more than two at a time. Still I don’t see it happening. If they buff the resource ended it will probably be more in line with @Dayv0’s suggestion of adding more damage and shadow. As far as the back dash, I’m sure this would be OP in some high level players hands. But when my garbage level Kim goes off to battle I can’t think of s time when I’ve thought “damn, I wish I could get further away from my opponent here.”

So, in my humble opinion, I think these are all okay ideas and I’m sure with some additional tweaking they could make them all work. But I don’t see any of them really being the things I need to make Kim more appealing.


Maybe if Kims Parry hitbox is as big as Orchids grenade blast~


Seriously but if the parry had the confirmation energy blast animation, and were a bit bigger to catch incoming attacks that would make her more formidable without being OP…

Now that I think about it the confirmed parry reminds me of her original WP FireFlower from KI 2!!! Good job

I look at it as a very short range projectile.


The parry can parry anything except Grabs. Things like Glacius’s Shatter, and Mira’s Bats also count. It’s really cool. It would be cool to make the Explosion hit box better, but I think that might cross into OP territory. Because Kim’s Parry is an Omni-parry, if you could just parry EVERYTHING that the opponent does and it would hit the opponent every time, it would cause lots of damage and tons of dragons over time. Which could lead into a lot of problems, I’m sure.