Gold Skin Pack 5

I noticed it’s in the store. When did this happen?


That’s actually the best gold pack so far, according to the characters who are part of it

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(body is unclear? forums pls)

Sorry I didn’t have time to take a decent screenshot. It’s Cinder, Riptor and Fulgore

is it available for purchase?

Yeah seems that way. Has anyone tried?

I just bought it. I’ll try it out now.

ya. it’s unlocked


Ah awesome. So pack 5’s release just slipped right under the radar then lol

Finally! The one character I’ve always wanted to get a Gold Skin is now mine!
#Shiny Deathbot Engage!

(Also I’m glad this pack has 3 characters that all actually look good in gold)


this Gold pack was up at 5 pm central time yesterday…not sure why it wasnt really announced here.

Also to quote @rukizzel in the Gold Pack 4 news article ‘Yes, that means that the next pack is not coming out in the month of Apri, but rather in May. Be on the lookout for Gold Skin Pack 5!’

So this does seem kinda unexpected, maybe unintentional?

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Ah, I must’ve misunderstood Rukari yesterday. In the “are we getting anything this Tuesday” thread, someone was talking about the guardians and Rukari said “last week was crimson fractured ward, this week, the owl guardian returns.”

I thought he meant that this is what we were getting on Tuesday. I didn’t see anything about a 5th gold skin pack. This is the first I’m even hearing of it.


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Aww man, don’t remove it, Rukari! At least not until I get home from work… :slight_smile:

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Man and I’m stuck at work for 9 more hours =( I want this soo bad…

Have to do it. (Starts singing theme song to goldfinger) gold riptor…

Also when did they seek this into the store? Did we miss anything else? Did they launch the ultimate pack already?

Man why did they removed that. I just bought the card and i came home to try the skins. Wtf.

Snatched it before it got away. Gold Cinder is mine :slight_smile:

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