Godlike Shadow Lord

Don’t. Whatever you do, just don’t.

Gargos, every buff. You, 0 guardians and 0 consumables.

This is literally impossible. If someone ever does it, I will forever praise you for your godly amazingness. No, you know what? I will print out your avatar photo and frame it, then put it on my nightstand to remind me of your godliness.

Seriously though, this boss is undoubtably unbeatable.


Do I smell a challenge? Speaking of which…My new frame I believe is ready for a full on test run.

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Sure, I’m actually quite serious about framing the first person to beat Gargos on the hardest difficulty with no aid while he has all his buffs.

Good, mine won’t be for a long time lol

Good luck with that.

That’s fine. I’ll fight your jago. I need to see my performances at good play anyway.

Like I said, won’t be until a while. I’m not much in a competing mood with the recent changes.

Those nerfs got you down huh?

Little bit.

I know the feeling.

Lol Be ready because this:

Is totally going on your refrigerator lol



…is just Hilarious. Lol!

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YES! Where is @SonicDolphin117 kappakappa

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Those Kappas better be real, cause NOPE XD

I honestly think it is impossible.

EDIT: Dammit now you’ve got me tempted to try it XD

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I’ll do it.

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Suicide Squad 2: Gargos’ Vengeance coming in 20XX

Featuring SonicDolphin and @FengShuiEnergy

What am I allowed and what are the limitations?

No artifacts, no consumables, no guardians.

5 buffs on Gargos.



3 characters?

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I don’t think Shadow Lords gives you the choice unless you kill off your characters beforehand.

I found a way. Needs testing