Godlike Shadow Lord

I mean as in one character dies, that’s it.

Feng, I know you’ve been studying Aria for like a year now, but…

There’s no way you’re beating Gargos with just her and no buffs. I know telling you that will only make you want to do it more, but please save yourself the time and pain.

No I’ll do it. Maybe not now, in time I will.

Well, I won’t say I won’t try to beat Gargos with the most handicaps possible on myself. I think that if there’s any chance of me managing it with 1 character, it’s Kim Wu, Jago, or Omen.

Oh please, have Mercy…


No glacius?

Glacius sucks against AI. His block pressure is piss poor and AI almost always jumps shatter.

Cinder sucks against Gargos, at least in this scenario.

Meanwhile, Kim Wu has good blockstrings and high damage dragon kick combos, Jago can heal himself, and Omen has the almightly flipout and demonic despair.

Although I agree with mostly all, the AI has impossible reactions to avoid demonic despair. You can only make it as punishment, which is easier to say than doing

Maybe I could use it as he’s resurrecting…

He is invul until he is airborne, so I’m afraid no

No, hear me out.

If I could find the timing when he explodes after his resurrection, I can invulnerable through it and he’ll land in time for me to grab him.

I see, but I have some issues. The setup is:

You must have full shadow bar
Defeat Gargos without minons alive
Wait for full animation
Block stoneskin explosion
Demonic despair during recovery

But is his explosion negative?

I bet he’s invincible like TJ and fully invincible till he can move again

No I just need to use the demonic despairs invulnerability through the expl-

This idea isn’t going to work, is it.

Nop, I’m afraid not xD

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GGS Dolphin lol

Good luck though.

I’m serious, first person who gets it. I’ll keep my word and frame a photo of you. Just tell me which one lol

I just tried it.

It’s impossible. Period.


I knew it… I bet he will get nerf soon. :confused:

No, I found a way

Full buffs, me without nothing, I managed to take his first health bar, untouched. He was in his danger zone when he destroyed me

I have a method, but has some fails. I can do it!!!