Glowing sword ideas anyone?

For the record, Tusk is in a good position right now and doesn’t really need any changes. However, ever since I saw the glowing on his sword I have wanted IG to make some sort of unique mechanic revolving around it. This is a thread to discuss ideas for what this mechanic could have been. Simply post your mechanic and it’s rational.

OVERHEAT: as Tusks sword glows, it fills a new UI gauge next to the shadow meter. When the meter is full, Tusk loses some damage on his sword attacks (including linkers and enders) and never has a deflect window. Tusk never overheats during instinct mode or shadow moves.

Rational: Tusk has little reason not to use his sword normals, this is meant to discourage recklessness and encourage the methodical bully playstyle Tusk is built around. It essentially acts as the opposite of Hisakos wrath meter.

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Seems good if it stops the down hp into down hp frame trap.

Just remove the projectile invincible immortal step and we’re good.

I’m not quite sure I like the idea of him losing damage off Linkers and Enders. I feel like you shouldn’t be punished for using the whole combo system the way it’s suppose to be. Like for Mira, even though using her scythe Linkers and Ender uses health, she still gets good damage from it as a reward. With Tusk, he doesn’t seem to get anything out of this making it seem pointless to do those specific Linkers and Enders.

Oh and plus, not all of his sword attacks causes his sword to glow either. Just something to keep in mind here.

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Well, it’s not like he should be using his sword linkers anyway–they’re easier to break, do less damage, and have worse corner carry. They’re worse in pretty much every way possible compared to shoulder linker. It would only really affect shadow skull splitter.

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I definitely agree that the glowing sword should be something more than aesthetic effect. I don’t know if I like the idea of just getting a straight up nerf without anything to balance it out.

What if they nerfed his regular damage slightly across the board and then raised it a little above normal across the board when his sword is glowing, so having the glowing sword feels like a reward?

How about the more his sword glows the more damage he inflicts but he would takes more damage instead.

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