Glacius too much?


Not to just pile on, but there seems to be a growing trend among the non-regulars on the forums (and outside of the forums) where people have this misconception that just because someone on the forums says they might not be right when complaining about whatever issue they have that it’s somehow because there’s some kind of club that we’ve all formed and unless they’ve proved to be like-minded on all aspects KI-related we all purposefully do what we can to either gang up and browbeat them into leaving or actively attempt to get them banned. And it’s just flat-out not true, coincidence at best. We just don’t like to see misinformation spread.


Don’t worry, I understand both issues. Not all of us play a character that has a long reach that is quick to use once we are pushed back. I get that you are not claiming them to be fact, they are just your opinions on the character and the move. The sad part is that the move you are talking about is the one that most Glacius players spam. They either spam hail with it or the move called “unbreakable”.

As far as the little group issue, that has been noticed by people for a long time. Some people just got tired and became more vocal about it. I would bet that I and a few others could name the ones you are talking about. If you feel that you need to talk about it, PM me so you don’t get flagged. Trust me, a few of them would flag you in a heartbeat.


Yeah, because flagging happens because you have a contrary opinion. Has nothing to do with breaking forum guidelines…it’s just because this so-called non-existent club has black-listed you. :roll_eyes:

Flagging means jack crap if you’re not conducting yourself in a manner that is against the forum rules.


Oh, please. There is no such thing as a forum group like that.
It’s just that people disagree with you, that’s it. You not providing facts at all and it really is your side of the conversation that is becoming toxic.
I know you’re better than this Sullen


I hope this thread gets closed soon because it has spiraled into the abyss.

And man, what a KI-fanboy group we are. This forum is SO populated with positive threads right now :unamused:

Being honest here, the forums are kinda dead to me. I just come here to chat with friends and I spend more time on off-topic threads talking about other games.

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I’m sure it feels like the world is conspiring against you when you’re wrong all the time and people point that out


These numbers haven’t been accurate for a while, btw. IIRC the current 0/1/2 meter numbers for glacius on counter breaker are 47/57/65, making his damage the same as or less than all those other characters (other than riptor meterless, but only on paper; in practice she will usually be getting to level 4 ender.)


If someone’s wrong they’re wrong. Doesn’t matter if it’s you me or anyone else. People are going to call you Out for it. You’re just proven to be wrong alot. I could go into why you complaining about glacius stagnating a match is a pot calling the kettle black but you won’t get it.


If something “forces you to block or risk a DP” then that thing is safe but negative. You’re saying it should be what it already is (when spaced correctly). You also say it is safe anywhere and anytime and this isn’t entirely true, but definitely has merit. The light one is safe from almost all distances (point blank and a tiny bit further it will be heavy DP punishable, this includes after a button cancelled into light shoulder). The medium is safe from around 2 training mode squares away, but just inside this or any closer and it is jab or heavy DP punishable. The heavy is obviously unsafe where the medium is and also slightly further out due to being more negative so stand MK can connect, becoming safe at over 3 training mode squares away (even to shadow blade dash). This appears to be partially due to pushblock difference and partially due to the shoulder sometimes hitting with later active frames which improves the frame data: he can block a Shinko heavy DP at max range on the heavy shoulder, which wouldn’t be possible with a move with a “landing” animation like wind kick or blade dash (which play the actual hit when they make contact and so have consistent frame data).

This means that a cold shoulder within the safe range will likely leave Glacius at a distance where a light shoulder will be safe as a follow up. This is quite a risky tactic as it will lose to the opponent pressing their frame advantage, but obviously they may hesitate as they expect a DP. Nontheless, pressing buttons is a solution which presents itself against Glacius players who do repeatedly use it (light blade dash actually works pretty nicely and would also potentially trade with a DP, so at least it’s less of a net loss). You can also walk forward slightly after blocking which will make subsequent shoulders closer and therefore potentially punishable. As the spacing on each shoulder to be safe is also just within its max range, you can walk forward or back in neutral to get them to either whiff or do it too close and be in a punishable range.

In comparison Fulgore is very unsafe on his basic heavy blade dash and has very little pushback, but with very little charge he can make it at least safe from jab punishes and slower, so you won’t get a full combo on him. Fulgore also has other methods of getting in which are arguably better than Glacius’s methods including a teleport. I’m not making a comparison to Fulgore to say he shouldn’t have that, but I’m hoping this highlights that cold shoulder is not totally unique in this regard. Other character have ways of staying safe on their moves which you’d think should be negative, which often require a resource such as meter or a setup (like hail or skull coverage). It could be argued that “spacing” is a resource that is often hard to come by for Glacius players due to his slow speed and floaty jump (and being able to move in the preround time).

The group comment is kind of paranoid to be honest, people disagreeing with you doesn’t mean they formed a group to hate on you or something, just that they don’t agree with you.