Glacius too much?


I can’t believe people are having trouble with Glacius, he’s like one of the easiest characters to face in the game.


He’s not an easy character to face for me.


How difficult or easy something is, is always subjective, so keep that in mind when making comments like this.


Nah, he just hasn’t fought any really good ones is my guess -shrug-

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With all this said though I’d love if any mid tier Glacius players would add me on Xbox for some sets. It’s rare I see him back to back on ranked. But the times I do it’s a complete ■■■ whooping lol

I also wouldn’t mind posting some matches if anyone wants to give some advice on what I’m doing wrong.


Just being honest , Most of Glacius moves are slow and reactable except maybe cold shoulder. Out of all the zoners in the game, he’s the easiest because he’s the most straightforward, but then again most characters in this game are easy to figure out once you know the game plan.


@STORM179 I think you may be right

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You must not have reached a level where you run into any decent ones. Glacius currently is one of the best characters in game. This could probably be said about any character. Anyone can seem not that hard until you run into a good one. And it goes the other way as well. Some one can seem difficult to deal with if you dont know the character well. I use to think Mira was hard to deal with her as an aganos player but turns out that’s not the case and he may even have an edge on her.


I’m just saying Glacius ain’t a big deal but whatever let’s just agree to disagree.


If you are okay with slightly lower than mid tier, then we can play sometime.


THIS! :joy_cat:


Meterless DP. He’s the only one that has one, yet does more damage. Glacius never needed a meterless DP. His meter now is 100% cold shoulder. So his defense got better, his damage got easier, and his offense got better. All you Glay players said a long time ago he was fine where he was. Now he got buffed, so he’s better than he needed to be. More tools = less damage output as quoted by Iron Galaxy themselves at the start/mid of S2 when they changed a lot with the entire cast. Glay is not exempt from that.


The game’s unlikely to get another balance patch, I’d get used to Glacius being a strong and scary character, in a game full of strong and scary characters, one of whom (you still don’t seem to have acknowledged) got buffed last patch.


He won’t acknowledge it because he’s bad and will just use glacius as a scapegoat to cover his own short comings. Despite playing a character who’s still better than glacius.


Glacius has, for all intents and purposes, had a meterless DP since Season 1.

It also started combos, which it no longer does.

You needed scienced setups to stuff a move that is invincible for 12 frames and vulnerable for 2, and in a scrambly game like KI, you basically never saw Glacius’s old DP stuffed except by accident.

In fact, I think current Glacius DP is weaker than the old version. It gained 2 extra invincibility frames, but lost combo potential and the ability to make it a true block string into shadow Hail. I’d rather Glacius have the current DP than the old one.


That’s what I’m reading from you. You don’t provide facts, you only provide your own opinions trying to move your agenda: You want to make everyone believe that Glacius is OP, which is not, while you have an history about negating Fulgore’s strenghts over the time

You have zero credibility.

These are facts. This is not an opinion, it’s a fact. Glacius’ puddle punch was indeed better before(with almost impossible to hit hurtbox and combo starter) than now

But heh, keep downplaying Sullen. As others pointed, you are only making your poor understanding about the game more clear


Eh…as a Hisako player, I’ve gotta say I feel the invincible DP quite a bit in that MU :joy:

I miss the old days of possession->possession->possession->“oh that’s adorable he froze the screen”->counter :yum:

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I’ve gone in at length about this before, but I think the meterless true reversal mostly just frees up Glacius for damage. It probably also contributes to all the whining about cold shoulder because no one (figuratively) uses light puddle punch to start combos anymore - meaning cold shoulder is the most common opener. So cold shoulder into combo with lots of meter in reserve now aggravates people.

I think the meterless DP was a real buff and it has changed the way Glacius players play in many matchups. But it’s one of the most infrequently complained about moves because it’s not so obvious. Instead people complain about cold shoulder and damage (shrug).

It is worth saying that his Heavy Puddle Punch DP is really baitable, can easily be neutral jumped or crossed over and very very punishable in whiff or block. It’s not the best meterless reversal in the game by a long shot. But I still appreciate having it as a Glacius player because it allows me to save my meter for damage.


That’s alright, you all have your tight little group on here and you all defend one another. I get it, outsiders aren’t welcome in your group. If I could delete my own account I would. I love the game too much and keep getting drawn back here even though I know I shouldn’t. My issues are shot down on all fronts all the time regardless of being informational or complaint. Even if I made a video depicting the issue of cold shoulder it would be shot down. It’s a - on block special with pushback that makes it safe to use anywhere anytime against almost any character except hisako. Even though I highly doubt without anticipating it a hisako could react in the 4-6 frames it takes for cold shoulder to travel. It shouldn’t be a safe forward moving special. It should move him forward and without hail force him to block or risk the dp not just be safe. He has enough good corner vortex and hail mixups to need that extra tool in his arsenal. It stagnates the match and kills the flow. That’s what it does and that’s my issue with it.

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This is super mega insulting. I’ve engaged in numerous conversations with you over the last two years, engaging specific points that you raise over many different topics. Just because I don’t often agree with your conclusion doesn’t mean you “aren’t welcome in this group.” If I don’t think your point is particularly well argued, then I’m going to propose a counter-argument, but I’ve never been disrespectful or exclusionary.

I don’t even know why I’m replying to this, but that comment really got me.