Glacius too much?

It might be my bias speaking but I seriously think Glacius has too much going for him. Too many things in his favor. I get that he’s a Zoner and needs to play keep away and that this is a rush down game. But with all the tools he has it’s seriously frustrating. And not in a fun way, at least for me.

Having the abilities to hit long range. Place up to 3 hails. Being invincible for a second with liquidize. Getting a DP. And on top of all that a really fast moving tackle that (can be negative) pushes him back far enough to mostly be safe? I just think it’s too much. Unless your character has a teleport or something along those lines I feel whoever faces him has to work too hard for how little Glacius does.

I don’t even want to mention his damage but again I might be biased. I feel like Glacius is the new favorite that Jago was for the longest time lol just being allowed to do things just because. Like IG did with Jago I hope they tone him down a bit. I could be the minority here.


Glacius has a lot of smaller weakness that are easy to miss, and are very matchup dependent on whether you can take advantage or not.

But I understand why you feel that way. Glacius is one of those characters that can easily get away with murder and frustrate people.

I think he’s in a perfect spot and the developers shouldn’t touch him. He’s likely Top 10, but so are many other characters, and I like it that way.


I don’t want him nerfed to hell but even toning down one of those things I think wouldn’t be too extreme. Take cold shoulder. I don’t think it would be too bad if the speed of the tackle were kept the same. But if blocked should leave him in front of the opponent. No real knockback. It doesn’t have to be cold shoulder exactly but you get my drift lol


He’s good where he is, but his Cold Shoulder pushback needs to be reduced slightly within punishable range. He’s a zoner but his tools allow him to get away with some things that would normally be punishable.

I don’t mind if he is able to DP after a Cold Shoulder, just don’t like people who can safely spam it without a hail in front of it.


Why does Glacius dish out as much damage as he does? He’s meant to be a zoner, yet he hits you like a truck.



Since when being a zoner means that you deal poor damage?

I believe you are not taking something into consideration: Glacius big damage output is not from his zoning, is from his close quarters combos. Which means he puts himself at risk to deal big damage. His tools are limited(no overhead, hail and shatter are bad moves for up close, only cold shoulder is fast, puddle punch is unsafe, bad mobility, awful backdash…) in these situations.

Glacius never was the strongest character in any season. He is not the strongest character right now.

He is not degenerative. All his tools are used, none is extremelly powerful. Cold shoulder can be countered with a different array of tools of each character. His zoning is good, but can be overcomed.

And if you say me that the problem is his damage output… Let’s put some perspective here, shall we?(Props to Infil for gathering this data on his guide)

Best Counter-Breaker Combos for 0, 1 and 2 bars, all in %:

Glacius: 49, 60, 70
Sabrewulf: 48, 57, 66
Spinal: 49, 59, 68
Riptor: 39, 57, 68

These characters deal a very decent amount of damage, very close to Glacius, and the 3 I choose are 3 mixup heavy characters. Wulf, Spinal and Riptor are harder to block than Glacius, deal almost the same damage, and in Spinal and Riptor scenarios, have a decent amount of anti zoning tools(Wulf also does, but in a lesser extent). I don’t see anybody complaining about Riptor or Spinal, saying that their damage is huge.

Whats the problem then? Why Glacius gets so much hate compared to others?

Because he is annoying.

Happens all the time. People complains about annoying characters more than anything. And zoners are marked for that in every FG, because their archetype has more haters than any other of the common ones(balanced, Rushdown, grappler…). Glacius frustrates people because peopl don’t know how and when they have to stop their offense, when is their turn. A good player can be opened by Glacius, but the most common strategy that people complains about (cold slouder) is weaker once you have a trained response against it. When I block a cold shoulder, with every one of my characters, I know what I can and what I can’t do.

Honest question people, for the ones complaining about Glacius, using your main, when you block a cold shoulder, do you know how to identify which version has Glacius used? Do you know if you have an answer to every version? Maybe your character has a good punish to some(or all!) versions of cold shoulder. Have you tried to study that in the training room?

I’m not asking to everyone to train 5 hours day in the training room. I never use it. Until a particular strategy gets me often, so I check some possible answers to it. I would love to hear about what you found about your character, what can you do against Glacius.

This will make you a better player. Don’t miss it, and instead of complaining, do some tests, and develop anti-Glacius tech.


Glacius isn’t a true zoner. He’s more of a zoner/trap character hybrid with some rushdown aspects thrown in. Its mu dependent on which he gets away with.

For example omen can outlame him which forces him to go in. But omen can check any version of cold shoulder And blows hail up which means he has to watch it. Against raam he’s pretty much forced to play zoner but once raam gets meter almost anything he does can be punished if he isnt careful.

Almost every character has an answer to what Glacius can do. (Save for the likes of orchid riptor and wulf who just have absolute hell with him) He’s arguably top 5 at this point and hes better than he’s ever been. But at the same time he’s not too overpowering either as alot of characters do go even with him. He’s good. He’s annoying but at this point he doesn’t need any changes. He got the buff he needed to his long range normals as it being-8 made no real sense. He’s a character you’ll have to hit up practice mode against to really figure it out. I know I had to after getting mauled by waterhorses more times than I can count. But last time i played his glacius I used my raam and the set was close. Long and very intense but very close.


I main myself glacius too since s2 then more in s3 after some characters get nerf :roll_eyes: and I can confirm that this pushback on cold shoulder is total nonsense since hes able to dp after the missed cold shoulder, so why does he need this push back???

I mostly don’t care about that tools since I use only the zoner part of glacius I rarely use this yolo cold shoulder tho. but yeah he needs some adaptation.

Imo zoner needs good cashout but not too good rushdown tools. so more risk reward when close body.
if I would change something by him it wil be to remove that pushback , but in exchange give him a teleport liquidize and a air liquidize invulnerable at startup.

Im the first one to claim everywhere that the spinal and raptor damages are not justified at all. but everybody only was focused on poordira.
And stil to day I claim it but peoples don’t listen, RIPTOR IS OP AF, but like you said NOBODY COMPLAIM A 2% air defensive fireball ?? seriously bro 2% then peoples complaim about shago fireball who deal much less . sad enough :thinking:.

The problem is that there are too much glacius in rank and not enough spinal and raptor.

glacius is not annoying , raptor and spinal are more annoying than glay

wlol with sadira I could punish all yolo coldshoulder only with shadow recluse then free juggles :relaxed:

orchid I punish them all with ease etc…

My glacius don’t even care about yo omen. zonin all day, catch me if you can and set urself in danger when tryin to approach me.:sunglasses: its not all about yolo 3 hails and cold shoulder , its allabout the timming and the distance between omen and glacius. a good glacius would never try to meke hail at mid screen when omen is close , but more wait and see what oment are goin to do. if he jump without balls = free cold shoulder , if he jump with balls = free heavy puddle punch. so I don’t see where a good glacius is in difficulty against omen. this MU is all about whos gonna punish who.
Glacius player don’t always mean stupid and no brain like the majority ofriptors oups … :zipper_mouth_face:.:relaxed:

I’m very good friends with two of the best Glacius and have played them alomg with rimz often. I know what I’m talking about.

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Shows that you haven’t fought many decent omens.


I wish I could fight yours one day :sweat_smile: I really need to perform better zoning tools with glay cause I don’t like the close body. can I have a set please bro? I will add you as friend and I need to try ur omen if possible. iam at work now and after the set you can publish it on here if you want.
the only thing I remember you is that glacius don’t really care about oment since he got 3 hails" to know exactly when to use it " for hold omen away from him then press him

Yeah sure.

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I would estimate around 9 characters. But that’s just an estimate.

Glacius is very strong, no question about it. He’s been strong since Season 1 - when he was by far the most complained about character. Also, he has been a rushdown/zoner since Season 1. And since season 1 he has not been the best zoner in the game. Jump back Jago was the most dominant zoner in season 1. People always fail to recognize that Glacius has a very hard time with any character at full screen. He is only capable of mid screen zoning.

Like a lot of KI characters Glacius requires good matchup knowledge. Cold shoulder is already punishable but people don’t react quickly enough. If they make it more punishable Glacius will have really tough times against a large chunk of the cast.

People tend to underestimate his weaknesses because they don’t take advantage. Also, he has pretty poor uses for meter - which means most players will use their meter only to enhance damage on lockout. This makes Glacius’s slightly high damage look bigger than it really is.


Exactly why he’s forced to go in on omen.

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Mmm, seems legit

Seriously, people are watching me while I laugh



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Honestly I don’t put a number on anyone outside the top 5 whom I actually think is finally managable for once. After that I don’t put a number on anyone. I just rate them as a letter which in Glacius case he would be an A+ character.

As a Sadira main, I have my complaints about the character, but that is ONLY because it takes me forever to wear down his health. More often than not, the Glay player can make seemingly a billion mistakes and he’s still living, while I make one mistake and lose 70%.

The reality is, it’s vastly easier for Glay to get his 70% versus my 40%… Yes Sadira can do some crazy damage, but it requires a LOT of work.

So in this regards it isn’t really that Glay is overpowered, but that Sadira is underpowered.

The resolution isn’t to nerf Glay, but buff Sadira…

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Just to clarify, Sadira best CB combos are 45, 53 and 58. There is a big gap once meter is used, but her meterless combo has good damage and her 2 meter combo leads to a launcher (!!!), with a potential mixup/reset

Isolating the combo damage is useless unless we also consider the characters tools. And Sadie has great mixup/reset opportunities which have to be noted


That’s one of the big reason I got a glacius in my team, im a really good combo breaker and + the glacius damages im just in the same time you make one and that’s the death behind it lol .[quote=“SoSRaGnArOk, post:18, topic:21621”]
The resolution isn’t to nerf Glay, but buff Sadira…

ugh??? :open_mouth: I beter :zipper_mouth_face: stop hurting yourself and assume the character you are playing lomfao
once again , bro use her only for mirror and enjoy others characters, you wil feel so good. please give a chance to others characters and stop been blind with love. :see_no_evil: