Glacius too much?


True as far as it goes, but Sadira is pretty low damage. I don’t disagree with the statement that she has to work for her damage quite a bit more than Glacius does. Her mixups are more linear than his (hail->liquidize anyone?), and her reward for landing them is less. She has to reset you to hurt you for the most part; Glacius can hurt you just fine on his own.

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Completely agree. I can’t count how many times I’ve fought a mediocre Glay who I was resetting over and over again, for them to get one lucky break and deal the same amount of damage that I did due to just one lockout. I did all of this fancy jump cancel stuff and all they did was Opener, Light auto (lockout) and 2X Shadow Cold Shoulder and Auto double to ender.

I’m not asking for Glay to get nerfed, but the simple fact is I had to work 5x has hard to bring him down to 20% where as he did one regular combo for the same damage.


Well, you shouldn’t be locking out against him either. Glacius is one of those characters who you shouldn’t be breaking unless you know you’re going to get it right. His damage isn’t insane until you mess something up really.


The only issue I have with Glacius is that his instinct teleport is too fast without an obvious way to quickly tell which side he will end up on. I understand that there is an effect but I feel it should be made more clear.


I concur. Then again as a Sadira main, I’m generally taking to the air as soon as I see him drop and play the get away game. :smiley:


It makes up for it being wildly unsafe if you block/safe (only select characters can do this)

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Try holding up when you see this instead. With the right timing you can avoid it and punish him on landing.


Yeah I need to practice this. I keep on getting hit whenever I jump.


I perform a jump as soon as I see him start to go down and generally it gives me a generous amount of time to fly high, but that is what Sadira does best.

The only time I have an issue is when they enter Instinct during a combo. That mixup is scary.


its seems like easy to say, but you own know the true cause hisako hurt as much as glacius.and how can you not try to break a damager character? at least I don’t even try to break sadira cause I know its useless ‘’ just let her take her hardly deserved 25 or 30% lomfao"

that’s the part where I feelt this great injustice between characters. but now I don’t care anymore cause I play a great character also, lose or win for me its all instructive and fun.
bro please add a second character in yo team you wil feel good. choose a damager one for complete sadira, spend some time with him and try to get better , then u wil feel what I feel now. ggs


You’re missing the point. If Glacius is not getting a lockout then he isn’t doing 50% damage combos. So don’t lock out and you will see him doing 35% combos relying on light ADs and linkers.

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Who says I’m not. I do regularly use several characters, like Jago, Spinal, Glacius, Mira (though I’m terrible with her), and Hisako.

I can do crazy things with all of them, but Sadira is my most favorite character in the game. :smiley:


Not on lockout she doesn’t. She trades hits with him well enough, but their damage isn’t remotely equivalent in lockout situations.

By not being in the habit of handing people 60% combos. Glacius doesn’t do crazy damage unless he’s cornered you or you lock out; simply don’t break if you can’t recognize what he’s doing. It’s like guessing against Mira - sure you can, but why on earth would you?


Correct me if I’m wrong here, but if I block Cold Shoulder, I should theoretically be able to punish because its negative, right? But, because of the pushback I don’t have anything within range that could punish before they can hold back + down. Unless I’m missing something here, as medium normal or windkick aren’t fast enough to punish. Standing fierce is the only thing that can reach, but it has a long startup.

These data values are still accurate I assume?

Startup, Active, Recovery, On Hit (at best), On Block (at
best) for Cold Shoulder.

QCB+LK: 8, 5, 24, 2, -3

QCB+MK: 9, 8, 24, 4, -5

QCB+HK: 10, 9, 24, 3, -8

Just a few instances @ 9:13, 9:40 and 10:42


That’s my main problem vs Glay when I try to get in. But what can I say? is one tough match up for Wulf. I’ve told that Riptor could do better, but haven’t put enough work on the MU with her. And still I don’t feel comfortable enough to try another character for that unique mu (I tried, and lost except for some matches using Gargos). That considering the work you have to put when facing a higher level Glacius.
I don’t know…Even the MU is hard maybe I prefer to face it with my main in the end.
Without projectiles and being harrased with all Glacius arsenal it can be very frustrating. Still I find Kan Ra mu much more annoying because of all the things he does. But when Glacius hits you it really hurts and all the work to get in must start over and over again. It’s tiring.

Now I feel like going to the lab again and check some stuff. I don’t see other way to get better in the mu than practicing my options against his.

Check this online tourney we had some time ago. At the minute 4:35:43 the guy tried to counterpick me. Then I did the same mistake I’ve done before: I doubt if I should change characters or not. I decided to stay with Wulf :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
https: //

Even though I played other Glacius with crazy stuff, any Glacius gave me troubles. I need to be patient, but the character itself drives me a bit crazy. I must be a lot more patient regarding to hail, and once I’m close STAY there whatever it takes. That’s how Wulf wins this mu.


… uh…does that say ANAL breaker?
LMAO! Im sorry… Negro fighter Anal breaker? WTF?


Hopefully I don’t offend anyone but a lot of what we are discussing is just people explaining how they play badly against Glacius and then saying they want to keep playing the same way (guess breaking, mashing normals after blocking cold shoulder) so Glacius should change. You can basically use this argument with any losing strategy in the game. I want to jump in on Tusk so his anti-airs should get nerfed. I want to do combo openers to Aganos so please get rid of his armor. You can ask for anything but that doesn’t necessarily demonstrate that the character is not balanced or is too strong.

More characters can punish cold shoulder than think they can and a lot of Glacius’s moves are punishable but people let him get away with it 90% of the time. I think a better answer is learning to punish him rather than asking for even more punishable stuff.

The number one thing to remember when fighting Glacius is to be patient. He is pretty slow and happy to have you come running towards him in a predictable way. But movement is very difficult for him to deal with and agile characters are his kryptonite.


OMG! I’m officially offended! :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

For the record, I said my character needed a buff more than Glay needs a nerf, as I actually like using Glay here and there. :smiley:


Yeap…I have nothing to do with that… -_- they like doing that kind of stuff and crazy titles in every tourney. Tbh I haven’t heard of that group before until I was invited to the event.
They are from northern Argentina and lobbies disconnections happen.
They weren’t aware of this so they started talking trash about KI netcode . They 've never tried KI lobbies before so the organisation of the tourney wasn’t good and took more time than expected.
After it was over I was clear when I told them they should have watched 8BBD and other online as an example for their own tournament.

KI netcode is really good but lobbies can get very unsteable. No need to trashtalk the game for that >=\

PS: negro for them is not an insult. It’s like saying “dude”. That’s the name of their site


If I were to even ask for a nerf I would only request Shadow Shoulder to not do some much damage/build so much white life mid combo. It’s the scariest thing to try to break, as Counter Breaking with it is incredibly easy considering how fast you have to hit breaker. So it’s either eat a huge damage combo from Shoulder, get Counter Broken and eat an even longer combo, or get lucky (read: more skilled than me) enough to break or read a CB coming.

So to me either nerf the damage or make it slower so a CB isn’t almost imminent the second they see you try to break.

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