Glacius too much?


It’s also near impossible to fail at breaking and it’s also too fast for the Glacius player to react to “1-2-3!”


Yeah, Glacius has to CB as a read on that move. It’s very difficult to react to even the “1” in time to counterbreak on reaction. So it’s a hard read.

And although I’m not arguing with you, what you’re describing just sounds like KI to me. All characters have high percentage break points, which makes them high percentage counter break points. If you lose these interactions, EVERY character is going to hurt you. I’m not sure why Glacius is special in this regard - except that he’s so bad in neutral that people are more fully aware that they are losing based on these interactions…


Glacius is nothing more than the next ‘this-character-is-too-strong’ target off KI’s roster.

Many characters have had their turn, be it justified or not. In Glacius’ case, i don’t feel like it is. Trust and believe, the Glacius MU is not hardly one of my favorites and i don’t particularly enjoy the random matchup against the good ones (Waterhorses, Carnitas, WrathGlacius, etc…) or just below their level.

The ‘zoner should be weak’ arguement im not sold on either. This is Killer Instinct, we get to enjoy wiping away half your life bar for guessing wrong and gifting us a lockout. We get to play mind games within combos with both classic (resets, for example) and exclusive (counter-breakers) strategies. Letalis calls Glacius a sort of trap-zoner, i feel more like he’s a tank-zoner. To-mat-o, To-mato. The point being is that he’s not a pure archetype of any sort so why should his damage, advantage, disadvantage, strengths and weaknesses conform to that thought?

Leave Glacius be. As young as 3.8 is now and how he looked in 3.7, i don’t think he’s degenerate. Dirty, sure, but that can be said off nearly all characters.


This term is so silly lol.

Anyways, I just want his pushback adjusted within a reasonably punishable range. Otherwise, I am totally fine with his tools and playstyle.


I’m really kind of tired of people talking about how punishable cold shoulder is. It’s really, really not in most situations - especially if we’re talking about high level. It’s basically Jago’s old windkick. Kinda-sorta-maybe punishable, but let’s be honest, not really.

Also, Glacius’ neutral is really good. He can harass at ranges most characters can’t contest, can’t really be zoned effectively due to liquidize, and has quite a few ways to make you hold otherwise negative pressure with hail calls.

Glacius shouldn’t be changed at all - he’s good and players should just adapt to that. But let’s not undersell what is a very strong character.


AHhh OK…honestly I thought it was just another language, normal talk, but in English it just looked to mean a totally different phrase.
They really think its KI fault for the connection? OMG…I cant stand when ppl here in the US blame KI for horrible connection. Its so far from the truth…its their ISP and nothing more.

Totally agree here when it comes to Glacius. Ole Glay is a beast.


Instead of a nerf I would like an audio cue or sign of which strength he is using. That change will at least give me a hint of what I’m able to do (like Sako has with her QCF+P)
I’m re testing things in the lab and many things I can do depend on very good reactions:
Lets say he is poking me with the lance and cancel it with hail, I can punish that with back-forward LK (hits low) or I can go for the trade with back-forward HK.
All of this is situational. I must decide what to do in the right time. My biggest issue may also be that my reflexes aren’t as good as they used too. Even I see the moves/situation I can’t react on time. It’s even worst with lag.
In the end, I find many options I can do with the right patience once I’m close (his throw distance though, wow…and he push me far away :cry: I have to be careful with that). But getting in is really a struggle with Sabrewulf.
Now I’m going to see the same things with Riptor n_n

Yeah, don’t worry about that.
And the lobby being unstable might have something to do with 6 expectators there plus people from all Latinamerica trying to play their matches. They should have invested a bit of time to check those things.
They blamed MS so badly they decided not to stream KI again. But after me and other persons critics they kind of took parte of the blame for it. Hope they would do another one for the sake of the game, however I don’t know if I’ll play this time.


Oh no he’s top tier for sure.


Glacius counter breaking shadow cold shoulder is just like him (or any other character) counter breaking a heavy auto-double. If he wants to put you in the choke point and force you to guess for your entire life bar (at the risk of punishment), then he can do that. That is his choice, not yours, since he landed the hit, and you will be forced to play the mindgame he wants to play. In fact, he can do it without having to spend the shadow meter!

Glacius’s lockout damage is good, but it’s actually not as good as you think compared to many other characters (Mira, Spinal, Wulf come to mind immediately and there are others too). Like… really, Glacius does average damage in regular combos and only slightly above average damage in lockouts. His real strength is that he can turn late lockouts at 95 KV into two shadows (which other characters not named Wulf and Kim have a harder time with), but this does not happen every time you lock out, so it’s a situational strength.

If you get locked out in KI, you get dunked, against every character. That is how the game works, and how it should work because it is a direct counter to guess breaking which the community is also often up in arms about. Make your peace with getting dunked if you lock out, it’s good game design.


That’s why I want a pushback adjustment on it, nothing major, just enough to keep people from constantly abusing it so they could at least rely on a hail setup or use it with more caution.

Similar to Jago, whereas he cannot throw it out, but not so much to the point where it almost seems counterintuitive to his gameplay.


I don’t think he is being undersold as a very strong character. I think even the small body evidence in this thread suggests that plenty understand him to be a strong character. I’d say the contrary is more accurate, his weaknesses or other characters strengths are being undersold.

I main Glacius and mine is pretty weak by most standards, as I as a player have too many weaknesses to make him truly shine. However, I do have a lot of experience playing him and I’m acutely aware of his weaknesses.

It can be tricky sometimes, but cold shoulder and light puddle punch are throw vulnerable during part of their startup. If people are getting pressured by cold shoulder quite a bit, then try throwing him out of it.

There’s nothing especially dirty about Glacius that most other characters don’t already have some equivalent of their own. Honestly, I feel like compared to many others in the cast, Glacius is forced to give you a turn much sooner. Some setup can alter it a bit, but all in all you’ll get your turn more often against him than most of the cast. This obviously apart from him effectively keeping his opponent at bay, but many in the cast have the necessary tools to get in on him. For one, projectile invulnerable moves were seemingly handed out like candy to the cast, ;p.

I find him to be among the easiest to fight. He’s slow. Provided his opponent is awake at the start of the fight, he is forced to give up the spacing advantage every time. He’s easy to break, has hurt boxes on several of his attacks, has one of the floatiest jumps, shatter can be avoided on reaction, hail is a double edged sword due to the time it spends on screen, and his heavy puddle punch, while good, isn’t the “DP” everyone makes it out to be. Seriously. They want to compare it to other DPs, but it lacks the versatility and scope of those moves. You aren’t safe jumping or jumping in on Jago or Fulgore because those moves have a third the startup, deal good damage, have invulnerability, and chase their opponents to the peak of their jump. It’s a strong reversal in quite a few situations, but it’s no DP in the typical sense.

Make no mistake though, he’s a beast in the right hands. I just wish mine were the right hands, lol.


@bigbadandy Curious to see your reaction when Glacius gets nerfed ONCE after you spent so much time telling me to shut my mouth about 5 patches worth of Fulgore nerfs. You’re even already on defense, listing all of his weaknesses, like I did with Fulgore. I’d fully expect something to be done about cold shoulder, and possibly overall damage output, but what do I know…

Its not so fun when your character is the center of attention, is it? As someone who hasn’t played his character since the last patch, I’d implore you to enjoy him while you can.


This thread just got a lot more fun

Grabs Popcorn*


Glacius has been getting hate for a LONG time now.

Not to mention Glacius has been getting small adjustments throughout the season, both buffs and nerfs, so I feel like if the devs wanted to do something really significant with him they’d have done it by now.

Funny how you’re feeling so confident he’ll get nerfed when you haven’t had success with predicting your own character’s needed adjustments.


Eh, you clearly haven’t been following my posts on the forum. I’m always opposed to nerfs, and almost always opposed to buffs. You can count the changes I’ve argued for on one hand. Incidentally, I never get what I want (Kim Wu’s shadow counter should not be so terrible - I don’t understand the thinking behind it).

But as a rule, I feel that once people start focusing on how the game needs to change instead of on how they can improve they are never satisfied. It’s like adjusting the color on your tv. Once you start you can never get it right. What I will tell you for certain is that you won’t see me on here talking about how Glacius is now ruined and unplayable if they adjust the knockback on cold shoulder. I will just keep plugging away and enjoying my intermediate level matches while trying to make marginal improvements to the way I play the game.

PS I never told you to shut your mouth. I may have pointed out that you were saying a lot of hyperbolic stuff that wasn’t true. If that upsets you, then I’m certainly sorry.


When did I ever make a prediction? I stated that I had hoped they’d let him breathe for a bit after his instinct mode change, but I never “predicted” that they were done changing him…

And why shouldn’t I be confident about more nerfs? That’s pretty much all that’s happened this season.


Should’ve known I was wasting my time.

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In the last few patches, what buffs have there been?


Shoutouts to @Infilament for logging the patch notes.

Let’s see…

Sabrewulf and Spinal got significant improvements in 3.5.

We had the PD change in 3.6, which was kinda nuetral. Many characters, such as Cinder and Raam, improved from this. Not much else, probably because it’s such a big change and the devs didn’t want to change too much on top of it.

Glacius, Raam and Kan-Ra got buffed in 3.7.

And Arbiter and Raam got buffed in 3.8.

Sure, there were a bunch of nerfs to go with them, but that doesn’t change the fact that this

is just a dumb thing to say.

I’d rather not go off topic so I’m leaving it at that.

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Okay, fair enough, I’ll give you those. The amount of buffs have been completely eclipsed by the number of nerfs though, do you deny that?