Glacius Strategy Guide

It’s a little sloppy, but I hope it really helps new Glacius players! I plan on making one for Cinder soon as well.


Just FYI, I moved this from the art + video section to the Glacius forum.

Makes sense, my bad.

Really good video!

Thanks man. I will definetely check it out later,

I liked it, if you have trouble doing Cinder stuff you should consider editing and doing commentary during editing, though you did not mess up to much in this video so you probably will not need to do that.

I’m not that good yet lol.

Great video, thanks!!

Love to learn new Glay tech

Thanks for making and posting your Glacius guide video. I found it very helpful and informative. Oh, and the parts were ARIA was messing with the AI of the game was hilarious,Ha!

What are you referring to with your mention of ARIA?

The parts were Thunder kept doing stuff that you didn’t record and Glacius’s Shadow Hail wouldn’t come out. I was joking around saying it’s like ARIA was controlling the AI in the game to mess with the video or something,Ha!

That’s likely caused by the game probably recording my INPUTS rather than what the character actually does. So in certain situations it comes out wrong. Don’t let me stop you from making a joke about it, though. :smile:

I totally get was your saying. I have had that happen to me many times with the training stage record option,Ha!

So guys, I have a question: I have the entire Cinder guide typed out and ready to go. However, will people really find it helpful or entertaining? Like Maya, most if not all of Cinder’s tricks have been exposed…so would it still be interesting? I don’t want to dedicate myself to an hour and a half (possibly more if my recording screws up) if I don’t feel it’s worth it.

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Well my vote goes for yes :yum: I’m not as good with Cinder as I’d like to be so I would find it helpful and at the very least entertaining.

It’s always worth making content. You end up helping people you weren’t even targeting many months later. Not everybody who searches “killer instinct cinder” in youtube is going to know how to use Cinder’s tricks.

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Good point. I’ll make it this weekend in my free time then. :wink:

I would like to see a glacius match up guide

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This is amazing dude, thanks a ton for making this guide.

You are most welcome :wink: