Glacius S3 Changes

Added change list to OP
- CStyles45


[-] Fixed a bug that allowed Shadow Cold Shoulder Linker to be canceled after the 4th hit, but before the 5th
[-] Reduced Shatter Ender damage by ~20%
[-] Reduced Hail Ender, Shoulder Ender, and Puddle Punch Ender damage by ~10%
[-] Reduced Shadow Puddle Punch damage by ~10%
[-] Reduced Shadow Shatter damage by ~20%
[-] The “tell” on Shatter (beam of light) appears 4 frames earlier.
[-] Shatter has 10 additional frames of recovery time, making it more in line with the command throw that it is.
[-] Shatter and Shadow Shatter are now actual projectiles, so they will whiff projectile invulnerable characters and cannot be countered by Hisako.
[+] Fixed a bug that prevented Shadow Hail from being used after ranged Shatter Linkers or ranged Auto Doubles.
[+] Shatter is active for 2 frames longer, making it easier to tripguard with. Its total active time is now 4 frames.
[+] Glacius can now dash! It is not good, but hey, you asked for it!
[+] Liquidize can now cross under opponents in the corner.
[-] Hail damage and meter gain reduced by ~50%.
[+] Hail can survive off-camera for longer, which prevents hail left off screen from being destroyed, and opens up new setups and approaches when leaving hail behind Glacius.
[+] New ability: Multi-Hail! Tap or Hold a different punch button while summoning hail to summon another hail.
-This adds another 25 frames to the move, making it quite risky if you aren’t careful.
-You can hold and release your multi-hail in any order.
-Greatly enhances zoning and setup potential.
[+] New ability: Instinct Power Up! New abilities available during Instinct!
-During instinct, when wearing Ice Armor, Glacius’ Shadow Counter window lasts until the end of the animation. This old bug is making a return as a feature!
-The defensive buff you always wanted!
-During instinct, Liquidize moves much farther and faster.
-During instinct, press HP+HK to perform the Homing Puddle Punch.
-During instinct, press F+HP+HK to perform the Cross Up Puddle Punch.

Glacius finally got a back dash and forward dash. He can summon and hold multiple hails now as well. During instinct, his liquidize travels further really fast. Nerfed raw shatter a bit frame wise but his shadow shatter is a true projectile now so can’t get parried but can get punished with projectile invulnerable shadow moves. He kept his bug where in Instinct, he gets more frames on shadow counter attempts and can shadow counter really late still.


While still no ranged manuals, I feel these changes are really going to help him out in the future (especially the dashes).

He was already my favorite character in the game these changes just cemented that.

Don’t forget that hail doesn’t disappear when it goes off screen. That’s huge. Also, don’t forget he gets the homing puddle punch in instinct as well. The multiple hails are so good.


Glacius just jumped up the tier charts with these buffs.


Now the wait to get my hands on him is going to suck. Are you there Tex, will you get a chance to try him out?

Yea I am here. I actually have some theory combos I wanna to try out with the multiple hails. I’ll post results here of what I find.


See what types of juggles you can get off the hail ender…followed by the colder shoulder underneath. I wish jumping HP had recap abilities like orchids air grab.
Do any of his moves cause a roll out(not sure if its the name)!352&authkey=!AMVA7ttHThvlXZQ&ithint=video%2Cmp4

Gotta say, he’s gonna be a LOT harder to use. The shatter recovery and hail damage nerfs are BIG. Also all his enders got nerfed in damage, which sucks.

But I love the new stuff cause it opens so many possibilities. It’s gonna take some practice to get down the multi-hails because I don’t use a stick, but it’s going to be great for zoning and trapping opponents.

The dash? YAY

And the instinct buffs…oh my g-d I am so happy. They made it AMAZING.

You’re forgetting arguably the best one; during his instinct, pressing HP & HK gives him the Teleport Puddle Punch from the original KI.

Not only has his zoning been buffed, but he’s gonna be hard to zone out now!

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I need to vs your glacius in season 3 then. But my poor old curses might be missing…

Missing? They may be weaker, but they last 30 seconds unless I hit you. lol

AND the REVERSE puddle punch!


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But you’re gonna hit me anyway, I know it LOL. Nah I’m Okay with spinal’s rework just really surprised that’s all lol.

Glacius on the other hand…

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I’m glad you posted this, I was really curious about your (and all the other high-level Glacius mains) opinions on these changes. To me it seems like his neutral game got a lot of nerfs (I don’t think shatter needed to be made even MORE reactable/unsafe) and his Instinct got a lot of buffs… but then again, some of those buffs also apply out of Instinct, like multi-hails and hail surviving offscreen. Soo… I’m hopeful!

I’m really looking forward to seeing your new tech videos and swag combos, they’re always a lot of fun to watch and I bet this will open up a ton more options.

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Glacius was, oce upon a time, 1 of my favorite characters to play. It looks like he might be again. :wink: :snowflake:

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Call me mad, but Glacius instinct stole Sabrewulf’s place as “Candidate for the best Instinct mode in the game”


Sadira and Jago clearly lost that award too, lol.

I feel like Glacius got a ton of Instinct-only things that are gonna make him really strong and really fun. However, his shatter got nerfed pretty hard. It wasnt a projectile, it had 10 less recovery frames and it had less indicator before it went. Now, it suffers from being avoidable through projectile invuln, super punishable on whiff and easier to react to. I would imagine these changes would make him very binary: annoying/limited options outside of instinct and god-like during it.

Unfortunately, I think that this kind of massive advantage is hard to balance because, if you play as him you feel impotent without it; if you play against him, he seems overwhelming while it’s on. Maybe some of the things he gets in instinct could be allowed outside of it (perhaps in a lower capacity) in order to strike a good middle ground?

Here are some ideas:

  • Liquidize can “dash” at all times, so you triple kick and then can dash in one direction or other. In instinct it behaves the same, instead of being faster.
  • Liquidize can be cancelled into puddle punch outside of instinct, in instinct it can be cancelled into homing puddle punch.
  • Liquidize always moves at half the speed between current and season3-in-instinct.
  • Shadow counter benefits apply at all times, not just in instinct.

What do you guys think?

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If Glacius wasn’t already a “stick only” character, he is now.